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Futurama - General Release Date & Cost for Complete Collection: 1999-2009 'Bender-head' Set

19-disc set available at your local retailer in mid-October

Posted by David Lambert
It's been a strange month for Futurama fans, since our last in-house report. At the time we were talking about Futurama - The Complete Collection: 1999-2009 (in the collectible Bender-head packaging) being available first only at the San Diego Comic Con; now we're a few days past that event and looking forward to the general retail release that the studio's press release said would occur in October.

At the same time fans were excited at news elsewhere that more new episodes would get produced...but now a month later the fans are horrified (and quite upset) at 20th Century Fox TV's efforts to replace Futurama's voice cast with sound-alikes, apparently in order to reduce production costs.

And, back on the DVD front, the information (and artwork, below) available up until now for Futurama - The Complete Collection: 1999-2009 came from an advance order listing at, but - as our readers couldn't help but notice! - sometime early on during the past month Amazon removed their pre-order listing. It's been enough to make fans wonder if the general retail release would still be coming.

Never fear, Bender's here! Today Fox Home Entertainment officially informed retailers that the general release of Futurama - The Complete Collection: 1999-2009 is moving forward, with a street date of October 13th. The list price is the same as the one at Comic Con (and thirty dollars higher than Amazon's defunct listing had shown): $199.98 SRP. It's a 19-disc set, with content - as the press release had described - consisting of every episode aired to date, plus the 4 direct-to-video films recently released. Running time given by the studio is 1989 minutes. Contents and specs are the same as on the previous DVD releases for each.

So, whether or not the new Futurama episodes ever get produced, and no matter whose voice ends up being behind the characters (and right here I'll throw my public support on the record for the original cast!), it will be great to know that the first ten years of the show will always be available on this release. And in such a cool-looking package, too!

Futurama - The Complete Collection 1999-2009
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