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The Fugitive - Rumors For The Fugitive - The 1st Season, Volume 1

Posted by David Lambert
We hope all of our USA readers had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday! Before you start your "Black Friday" shopping (or after, if you got an earlier start than I did today), we have the rest of that cornucopia stuffed full of rumors about TV series that are new to DVD on Paramount/CBS's 2007 slate. We now turn our attention to A Quinn Martin Production.

There's not much that we can say about The Fugitive: it's a legendary show that is well-known, even among many folks of the younger generations who might read this (especially after two remake shows, a remake film, and various other shows channelling the concept, such as Bixby's The Hulk). David Janssen plays Dr. Richard Kimble, who comes home one day to find his wife murdered, and recalls the one-armed man who fled the house just as he (Kimble) was arriving. The police see no evidence that anyone besides Kimble was involved, and arrest him. Escaping, Kimble goes on the run to track down the one-armed man and exonerate himself. Barry Morse as Lt. Gerard chases Kimble all of the country, trying to track him down. The whole thing ends 4 seasons later in the first-ever "series conclusion" ever aired.

The Fugitive has been rumored to be on-the-way to DVD from Paramount/CBS on and off for quite some time, and we've repeated some of those as recently as this past May. But now we have a DVD release title for the very first time: The Fugitive - The 1st Season, Volume 1! And the nature of it indicates that the studio has a plan: breaking up the show into half-season sets, which isn't suprising since the hour-long episodes ran for 30 weeks during it's first year on ABC.

This looks like it is finally happening at long last in the coming year, 2007. Please remember, though, that this should still be treated as a rumor, and that no formal announcement has come from the studio. Everything's subject to change, so take it with a grain of salt until it becomes official. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know when and if that happens!

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