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The Fugitive - CBS Offers Season 2, Volume 1 Replacement Discs - Much of Original Music Restored

Send for your discs ASAP

Posted by Gord Lacey
Please read the entire news post before emailing us with questions on the replacement discs. We're receiving numerous emails asking questions that have already been answered below.

Fugitive fan sites and forums went insane with complaints about the score being replaced on Season 2, Volume 1. While fans are accustomed to songs being replaced for the DVD release, this was the first time a score had been re-recorded for DVD, and people were livid. I posted my own editorial on the issue, and trade publication Variety running a story a few days later.

CBS heard fan complaints, and is now offering replacement discs for The Fugitive - Season 2, Volume 1. We've compiled a little FAQ to help answer your questions about the exchange program, but first, a statement from CBS:
    In response to fans of the classic TV series THE FUGITIVE, CBS DVD is offering a new version of Season 2, Volume 1 - with much of the original music restored - free to purchasers of the initial release. We hope they concur that we not only put TV DVD on a pedestal, but also our customers. To obtain the new version, go to and follow the instructions.

    NOTE: Please link to this FAQ instead of copying/pasting it in forums.

    How can I get the replacement discs?

    Visit to download a PDF form and follow the instructions.

    What's required to receive the replacement discs?

    You must cut out the two proof-of-purchase tabs from the DVD artwork (on the back of the box) tape them to the form, and send it to CBS.

    Wait, I have to destroy the paper insert?!

    Yes, but CBS will include a new insert along with the 4 replacement discs.

    What do I do with my old DVDs?

    You don't need to send them back to receive the new discs, so feel free to do whatever you want with them.

    Who can send away for the replacement discs?

    Residents of the United States and Canada (the countries the DVDs are authorized to be sold in) who purchase Season 2, Volume 1, and send in the completed form postmarked by September 1, 2009 will received the replacement discs. Please see the PDF form for specific information and restrictions.

    When can we expect the discs to arrive?

    The discs will take 4-6 weeks after CBS receives the completed form.

    Will the replacement discs be available at retail?

    No, the only way to get the replacement discs is through this offer. They will not show up in retail sets at all.

    What music has been restored?

    Unfortunately I'm in the process of moving and many of my DVDs are packed up, so I couldn't do an exact comparison of the retail release and the new replacement discs (CBS has sent me check discs to view). However, I can say that the music sounds like that found in season 1. I expect CBS has worked out whatever issues caused them to replace the score in the first place, and these new replacement discs will feature most of the original score. Some of the Mark Heyes music still appears on the replacement discs as some cues had to be replaced.

    Have the title cards for the music credits been restored?

    No, Mark Heyes is still credited as providing the music for the show (Heyes recorded the music that replaced the original score). I have no doubt these replacement discs cost CBS a ton of money, and restoring the title credit would have just added to an already expensive project.

    Will Season 2, Volume 2 contain the replaced score?

    Season 2, Volume 2 will be similar to Season 1, and the replacement discs for Season 2, Volume 1.

    Does CBS have plans to offer similar replacement programs for other sets featuring replaced score?

    No, this is the only replacement program they have planned.

I expect Fugitive fans will be delighted to hear news of the replacement program. It's unfortunate that the situation cropped up in the first place, but we're very impressed with the way CBS is making things right for the fans. CBS has put a lot of thought into the replacement program, allowing consumers to keep the original discs, and even providing new artwork to replace the artwork that has to be cut up. Classy move on the part of the studio, and hopefully this replacement program gets as much attention as the original issue. I was very critical of the studio in my editorial, so let me be the first to applaud this replacement program.

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