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Flipper - 1995's 'New Adventures', with Jessica Alba, Comes to DVD

No ship date provided so far, but coming soon via Amazon's CreateSpace MOD program

Posted by David Lambert
    The new weekly series takes place in and around the Bal Harbor Institute, a marine mammal research facility set in the beautiful Florida Keys, where ground-breaking studies are being conducted on dolphin behavior. The institute and the new Monroe County Search & Rescue Sheriff's Substation, set the stage for highly dramatic air and sea rescues involving Flipper, one of the most loved and enduring TV characters of all time, and his human companions.
Earlier this year MGM made manufacture-on-demand (MOD) releases of TV-DVDs available, exclusively through Amazon's CreateSpace program, for the second seasons of both Jeremiah and Poltergeist: The Legacy. Following up on the success of these, MGM has announced that 4 more TV titles are on the way, as part of a larger effort that includes new films as well. The complete list of this studio's offerings via the CreateSpace program can be found at MGM's Amazon-based Limited Edition Collection page.

One of the 4 new TV-DVD titles being prepared for this MOD program is Flipper - The New Adventures: Season 1. The 1995 revival program was rumored in 2006 to be coming to DVD from another company, but that didn't pan out at all. Fans told us that they wanted the program starring Brian Wimmer, Colleen Flynn, Haas Payton and now-superstar Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Into the Blue), though, so they will be ecstatic to see this 11-disc set go up for pre-order at Amazon soon. A ship date hasn't been provided, but we've noticed that earlier MOD releases of MGM titles this year have each been available to begin shipping on the third day of the month (so April 3rd might possibly be a date to keep your eye on!). Like the official ship date, pricing has not been revealed yet either, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here's a look at the cover art:

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Flipper - The New Adventures: Season 1
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