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The Flintstones - Rights Issues Cleared Up? DVD Release of The Man Called Flintstone Finally Hitting The USA!

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! theatrical film also coming out on the same day

Posted by David Lambert
Waaay back in 2004, we brought you word from Warner about the just-announced release of The Flintstones - Season 2 on DVD...a title that came out as planned on Dec 7, 2004. At the bottom of that report was a casual mention that Warner had also announced another, related release for the same day: The Man Called Flintstone. This animated spy spoof was the classic show's final act, a theatrical film produced by Hanna Barbera directly after the finish of the show's sixth and last season. Later, that film's DVD release was removed from the schedule for the USA. Oh, we had further word that it might come out with the March 2005 release of the show's 3rd Season, but that didn't happen, either. A legal issue - rumored to be with Sony, which has held the "Screen Gems" distribution portion of the rights to this release - kept it out of the stores in the United States...even though it was released just fine in Canada back in March 2005, on the same day as that 3rd Season set.

Now, as long-time readers know, we DON'T talk about theatrical releases here at TVShowsOnDVD, even when they're related to a TV series (no matter how popular). Well, we do find reasons to bend the rules now and again...but then again, we often regret it, because suddenly we get tons of e-mails from readers asking us to bend the rules for their favorite item, too. So frankly, I probably shouldn't be following up on this at all. But, since we did talk about it back in the day, I've decided to go ahead and pass along the word: the DVD release of The Man Called Flintstone is back on the schedule in the USA.

This morning Warner announced that the 1966 animated theatrical film will finally come to DVD on this side of the border this December 2nd. It will cost $19.98 SRP. And, since we're already talking about big-screen movies anyway, I guess we can also mention that on the same day Warner will also release Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!, the 1964 theatrical film that Hanna Barbera and Columbia Pictures released to capitalize on The Yogi Bear Show. It will also cost $19.98 SRP. We've got a look at The Man Called Flintstone cover art and disc label art for you immediately below (it's the same as the 2003 Canadian release; I know since I own it). At the bottom we've got the Yogi box art for you, too. Enjoy!

The Man Called Flintstone box art
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Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! box art
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