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My Favorite Martian - Long-Awaited USA Release for Season 3 Is Planned for 2010!

Chertok Productions and MPI to please the show's loyal and patient fans

Posted by David Lambert
Seasons 1 and 2 of My Favorite Martian have been on DVD from Rhino since 2004-05, and while Season 3 was made available from overseas in a "USA-ready" set in 2007, few people took the time (or spent the money) to get that Australian import. Therefore, many North American fans are still waiting to own My Favorite Martian - Season 3 on DVD. Fortunately, Jack Chertok Productions has struck a deal with MPI Home Video, and the company plans to release Season 3 in the USA late this summer. However, they are not ready to determine a specific release date yet.

The third and final season, the only one produced in color, will come on this new release featuring the best quality seen yet. Also, new bonus material will be added, including a few "lost" items which haven't been seen in a very long time. Among the planned extras (still subject to change) will be the surviving original cast commercials and episode promos. Sadly, Bill Bixby and Ray Walston are no longer with us to provide help for this release. However, Chertok Productions and MPI are working with Walston's family to come up with some truly unique material from Ray's personal archives.

Chertok representative Peter Greenwood says, "I'm very excited about MPI's motivation for quality in My Favorite Martian. Providing the best possible DVD releases, with as much bonus material as we can include, is the best reward we could give fans for their years of loyalty to the show." Greenwood is also a TV archivist, who has been assisting with an upcoming Steve Canyon DVD release, and who additionally worked with CBS/Paramount on such extras as the lost promo pilot (with rare promo intro) on the Hogan's Heroes - Kommandant's Kollection: Komplete Series set, and arranging for the Billy Blackburn home videos to be included on the most recent Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray Disc season set releases.

At the same time, Chertok Productions is working on another My Favorite Martian project: the first toy release for the show in years and years! It will be a model of Uncle Martin's spaceship, with a scale figure of Uncle Martin in his flight suit to accompany it. The Martin figure will look as much like Ray Walston as possible, and to accomplish this they are using one of the original Ray Walston life casts used for an episode of the third season of the TV show, where Martin was turned into a department store mannequin. We're sure the finished toy will look pretty darn awesome, and it's just one of several new My Favorite Martian merchandising projects that are in the works, to coincide with the MPI DVD release.

Please keep in mind that everything on the boards are still in early stages, and could be subject to change. But that's the plan as it stands right now. Stay tuned for updates on the DVD end of things, as further developments occur!

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