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Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Volume 2 finally announced (new street date), plus art for V2 and Halloween & Christmas specials!

Posted by David Lambert
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Urbanworks and Ventura Distribution has finally given us an update on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids DVDs. First up, on September 6th, is the Fat Albert's Halloween Special release, a single disc featuring the holiday special where Albert and the gang get a scare from the lady who lives by the graveyard. $9.99 SRP.

Then on October 11th comes Fat Albert's Christmas Special, another single disc with an SRP of $9.99 for a half-hour special. The kids are rehearsing for a Christmas pageant at their junkyard clubhouse, which Tyrone, the mean old junkyard owner, is fixin' to tear down. That's when Marshall & his parents show up. With their car broken down, Marshall's mom is about to have a baby and his dad, without health insurance, inspires the gang to invite them in the clubhouse for shelter. Tyrone agrees to let them stay until the baby is born, in exchange for Fat Albert working for him as a sidewalk Santa. "Ho-ho-ho's" in Fat Albert fashion ensue. After the old hobo, Mudfoot, gives Tyrone a lecture about how he's been grumpy at the world ever since his wife died, the junkyard owner has a change of heart and promises to keep the gang's clubhouse intact.

On the same day, October 11th UrbanWorks also streets the long-delayed Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids - Vol. 2 - Episodes 13-24. You may recall news last December showing an originally planned release date of, well, tomorrow (June 14th). Then we posted an update pushing it back two weeks. Yet the studio never actually announced it, until now. And that announcement carries the same 10/11 street date which was originally planned for the third volume of the show. No reason was given for the delays.

Still, we are VERY happy to have this release. This 2-disc set features episodes from 1974 to 1975 in the order they were originally aired. Also included is a bonus 12-track audio CD featuring original music from the animated series, available for the first time. You can pre-order it right now from Amazon for $22.49. Amazon can also pre-sell you the Halloween Special and the Christmas Special.

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