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Family Guy - Early Info Gives Us a Possible Street Date for Family Guy - Volume 7

Retailers told to expect a mid-June release for this 3-DVD set

Posted by David Lambert
In an early alert to home video industry retailers, Fox Home Entertainment has revealed that they are tentatively planning on a 3-disc DVD release of Family Guy - Volume 7 this coming June 16th. Details haven't been completely finalized yet, but we do know that the episodes that get included will be presented unrated as a default, with the as-aired version of the audio also available to choose. The planned cost is $39.98 SRP for roughly 500 minutes (subject to change), plus bonus material that will include audio commentary by voice cast and crew, a Comic Con 2008 featurette and other material (final list of supplements is still to be decided).

The list of episodes will pick up where Volume 6 left off: late in the sixth season, with "Back to the Woods." Episodes on this collection will go through the seventh season, including the recently-aired "Ocean's Three and a Half" and possibly with subsequent episodes which air shortly. Our contacts aren't certain, but this set MAY even include the recently announced Family Guy episode "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven," which reunites the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (when Stewie builds a transporter and beams them into his room, having missed them at a convention). This episode will be near to the cut-off point for included episodes, though, so it may be held over for the next release.

It's still rather early yet, and all the info is possibly subject to change, but we'll have updates and package art for you just as soon as Fox finalizes the details of this title. Stay tuned!

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