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Falcon Crest - What's the Latest Word About 'The Complete 3rd Season' on DVD?

Start putting money aside, because the Warner Archive is working on it!

Posted by David Lambert
Waaay back in the summer of 2011, we passed along word about a conversation we had with the team at the Warner Archive Collection, asking about whether Falcon Crest - The Complete 3rd Season was coming. A user of the Home Theater Forum website had spread word that he'd heard it would come to DVD in early 2012, but obviously that timeframe has come and gone a year ago with no sign of the title. But our own contact with the studio may have told us that the timeframe might not be accurate, however they could confirm that it was indeed an item they were working on.

Today we found out that the Warner Archive is still working on Falcon Crest - The Complete 3rd Season for DVD, and are hoping to have an MOD release of it ready later this year. How much later? Well, there's not date set in stone yet, so until that's finalized they don't want to take any public guesses (because anything could be subject to change, of course). Package art and cost aren't finalized yet either, but we'll have all that for you as soon as the studio makes it all official. You've been patient this long, so just hang tight and we'll keep you updated as further developments occur.

And we know that any talk of Falcon Crest always seems to bring fan questions about other primetime soaps of the era, especially the Warner-owned show Knot's Landing. The last information we have about that one - the same thing we've said a couple of years back now - is that it's still stalled due to "heavy music clearance costs" that are involved (but as far as we know, Warner's still trying to make the numbers work and make it happen if they can). Frankly, we have nothing new to report about that one, or anything else. There's no need to ask; if we ever have news, we'll post it on the front page as soon as we can. Hopefully we'll find out good things about the other shows, but right now we just want to let Falcon Crest fans know to start saving your pennies; it should be happening in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned for updates!

NOTE: It has been emphasized elsewhere that this title is for North American/Region 1 release only, being a Warner Archive title. That may or may not be the case; we don't have access to overseas information being strictly a USA/Canadian site. However, while this item will initially be available via the website, which would only ship it to U.S. addresses, just about all Warner Archive titles soon after their release date will also become available via's CreateSpace program, too. And Amazon will ship that product anywhere in the world, so an overseas fan with a player capable of reading a Region 1 DVD will be able to enjoy it. We just wanted to make that clear, so global fans don't panic.

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