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The Facts of Life - Fansite Provides Fantastic Facts Info For DVDs!

Posted by David Lambert
We just got in this past hour an e-mail from reader Chris Denman, with a fantastic heads-up about a news post that was published earlier today at the well-known "Beyond The Facts Of Life" fansite! Pavan Badal of wrote in soon after that to alert us that the information had been quoted over at the message boards there as well. Here is the great news as quoted from the story at the "Beyond" fansite:
    The Facts of Life comes to DVD this June!

    I recieved an e-mail this morning from Sony and they let me in on their plans to release The Facts of Life on DVD. I'm sure many of you will find this news as no suprise because of the several signs that Sony has expressed throughout the years. But like many of you though, you are thrilled and excited about the news as I was when I recieved the e-mail. Therefore, I thought I'd spread my joy for it by showing you the e-mail. Which should give you authentic and valid proof that this news is in 'fact' not a rumor or joke that I have made up. With that said, the e-mail should answer all of your questions on Sony's motives as to how (and when) they will release it.

    "I work for Sony Entertainment, and just wanted to let you know that a release for Facts of Life on DVD is tentatively scheduled for June of this year. Right now, it's planned to be a combination of the first two seasons, with all 29 episodes from those first two years. Since the first season of 'Facts' is radically different from the successful later version of the show, they didn't want to release just the first season and risk lower sales. I'll keep you posted as I get information on an official release date."

    To the Facts of Life fans reading this, your voting at and the Sony on DVD has paid off, you have given Sony a reason to release The Facts of Life on DVD!

Wow, great news...and I bet it makes all of our readers here at TVShowsOnDVD who voted for the show feel proud to know that they had such a big part in making this happen! We will try to get further details directly from Sony just as soon as we can, so stay tuned for updates and developments! Yay!! For now, we encourage all Facts fans who aren't already regularly visiting the "Beyond" fansite to head on over there and take a look...we doubt you'll regret it, it's a treasure trove of material from the show! Thanks to the folks who run that site for sharing the great news with all of us!!!

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