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Extreme Engineering - A Skyscraper that Twists 90ยบ? Rail from NYC to London? That and More on Collection 2 DVDs!

2-disc set coming in mid-May

Posted by David Lambert
    Imagine driving across a bridge near the North Pole, leaving Alaska at one end and arriving in Siberia at the other end. What if you could visit an entire city built within a pyramid in Tokyo Bay or speed from New York to London in just an hour through a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean? These are just some of the mega-projects that come to life as builders and engineers design and construct the largest, most outrageous and awe-inspiring projects ever conceived. Each got-to-see-it-to-believe-it episode travels to locations at every corner of the world and features jaw-dropping computer animation, breathing life into these fantastic - yet possible - mega-projects.
Image Entertainment and Discovery Channel present the May 19th release of Extreme Engineering - Collection 2, and 2-disc set on DVD that collects several marvelous episodes of the series. Cost is just $14.98 SRP for 348 minutes, presented in full frame and with English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Sound. The episode list is followed by front box art:
  • Tokyo's Sky City: Plans are in the works for Sky City, the tallest structure on earth. Slated for Tokyo Bay, the towering, vertical city will house more than 100,000 people and provide for every aspect of modern life with parks, schools, homes, offices and shops. But would it be safe from disasters, including earthquakes, typhoons and fire?
  • Transatlantic Tunnel: Rail travel may yet go intercontinental. In prototypes of floating tunnels, 5,000-mph magnetically levitated trains travel between New York, London and Paris. Passengers would dine and sleep while whales and nuclear subs glide around them.
  • Subways in America: After decades of neglect, New York City's once-great subway system nears collapse. Now an historically ambitious public works project promises a complete overhaul, transforming the city's transportation network into a super system that will restore its legendary status.
  • Bridging the Bering Strait: Plans are on the drawing board to re-join the once ice-connected continents of North America and Asia, holding the promise of unprecedented economic growth. The entire bridge would be encased in concrete to withstand and span 55 miles of violent Arctic seas and crushing ice.
  • Turning Torso: Descended from Vikings, a tough-as-nails Swedish construction team is attempting to build the tallest skyscraper in Northern Europe. But what makes this project a design marvel like no other is that the entire 600-foot structure twists an unbelievable 90 degrees!
  • Millau Viaduct: In a remote, rugged corner of France, traffic between Paris and the Mediterranean has run into huge bottlenecks. Designers and engineers are working to open the region by building a record-breaking structure to bridge across a 1.3-mile wide gorge.
  • Biggest Warship: When it is completed, the $4.5 billion USS George Bush will be the largest aircraft carrier on earth. Go behind the scenes with builders midway through the 4 year construction project at Newport News, Virgina, the Western Hemisphere's biggest dry dock.
  • Big Easy Rebuild: The recovery of New Orleans from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina will take decades, but on the verge of another hurricane season, engineers are struggling to keep the city from drowning all over again. The race is on to repair and replace damaged levees and flood control mechanisms before it's too late.
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