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Ed - Tom Cavanagh Gives an Update About Whether Ed DVDs are Still Planned

An interview at the Grand Rapids NBC affiliate reveals the status of it and Love Monkey

Posted by David Lambert
Tom Cavanagh has a new series airing on TNT these days: Trust Me, with co-star Eric McCormack (Will & Grace). And he's been making the rounds to promote the show, too, including a visit to WOOD-TV8's "Avi the TV Geek" (a.k.a. Avi Forstein) at the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the video clip of the interview that you'll find there, at about 32 seconds in, the TV Geek asks Cavanagh about the possibility of DVD releases for a pair of the actor's previous television series: Ed and Love Monkey. And, after a bit of comedic chat about why Cavanagh took on the new role, he had some surprisingly good beans to spill about home video plans for both Ed Stevens and Tom Farrell. Here's the exchange:
    TVGeek - I mean, you're obviously not making any more residuals from Ed, so you know, you gotta find work.

    Tom - Uhhh...How do YOU know I'm not? Ummm...

    TVGeek - Well, I've always wondered. Are they coming out with a DVD of Ed anytime soon here?

    Tom - Um, that is in the works as we speak. We don't want to, like, jam it down peoples' throats immediately...we're trying to wait a nice decade before we can present that to the people who want it.

    TVGeek - Oh, I see. I'll see Love Monkey out on DVD in 2030, then. Right?

    Tom - You'll probably see Love Monkey before you see Ed, but they're both in the works. How about that?
I hope you were sitting down for that! It sounds like terrific news, doesn't it? But keep in mind that it's been almost two years since the last news about Ed on DVD, and even before that Cavanagh let fans know that the hold-up was music rights. And Tom's not saying that we'll see the release right away or anything. But it's good to know that things haven't come to a halt in the two years since we last heard could very easily have fallen by the wayside.

And it's good to know that Love Monkey is on the table as well. We urge fans to head over there to the WOOD website and take in the entire video clip that's there (6:14 minutes). Cavanagh even lets it slip about whether we'll see any more of his Scrubs character, Dan Dorian (J.D.'s brother). And there's a tiny bit more talk at the very end about Ed DVDs; be sure to listen all the way thorugh. So head on over and check it out! And stay tuned, because we'll keep you updated if we hear anything further about Ed - or Love Monkey - coming to DVD.

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