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Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - Where on Earth is a DVD? Amazon Answers With a Shout!

Posted by David Lambert
Super online retailer has answered the question, "what's the next DiC title Shout! Factory will release after April's Inspector Gadget package?" Well, they've answered that question with another question: Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego?

Carmen is a thief, and she leads a gang of thieves. These thieves travel all around the world, stealing the most precious and impossible-to-steal items you can imagine. In the original "Where in the World" computer game (and its sequels) from Brøderbund (pronounced "Brew-der-bund") Software, released in 1985 for Apple ][ and other home computers of that era, you the game player must follow the clues to track down the thieves, arrest them, and recover the stolen items. In the game, you might talk to a banker near the scene of the crime in Paris, and he may tell you, "yes, I saw that person...he changed his money from Francs to Lira." If you used the enclosed World Almanac which came with the software (originally on 5.25" floppy...who else besides me remembers those?!), you would know that Francs are French money and that Lira is Italian money. So when the trail takes you to the airport, then you know that the thief next traveled to an Italian city such as Rome, and may be hiding there. Track down the crook, arrest himm, and then nab all the other crooks in turn until you've captured Carmen herself and won the game!

The original Carmen computer game was dreamt up by an ex-Disney artist, and so it may be no surprise that Disney is planning a new motion picture based on the property. But long before those plans, Carmen had come to life on the television screen, first as a PBS game show with kid contestants, and including the late Lynne Thigpen as "The Chief." After a few years of the live-action game, the television focus shifted to DiC's popular animated series, Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego?

The voice of none other than Rita Moreno (Electric Company, West Side Story) played chief thief Carmen, as she led junior detectives Zack and Ivy (voiced by Scott Menville - "Robin" of Teen Titans - and veteran voice actress Jennifer Hale in one of her earlier roles) on a merry chase around the world. Rodger Bumpass (SpongeBob's "Squidward") played the voice of The Chief of the ACME Detective Agency, and Tim Curry (Clue, The Rocky Horror Picture Show) voiced "Maelstrom." The cartoon show entertained and taught geography along the way, over the course of 40 episodes in four seasons.

Now has a pre-order listing being set up for a June 13th release. Oh, if you go there at this moment, they are mistakenly using the "World" title of the original videogame (we guess Amazon's data entry person remembers the original game just like we do!), but the cover art at the presell listing - which you can see below - clearly shows that this is for DiC's "Earth" cartoon series. Shout! Factory hasn't formally announced it yet, so details are thin, but the SRP for this seems to be $29.95. Stay tuned for more later on.

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Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego

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