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Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - Package Art, Cost and More for 'The Complete Series'

Coming on February 21st from Mill Creek, along with a 'Best Of' title

Posted by David Lambert
    The world's greatest thief is on the loose, and it's up to you to find her! The world famous thief, Carmen Sandiego, plays an intricate game of cat and mouse with teen ACME detectives, Zack and Ivy. Based on the award-winning line of educational computer games, this energizing series is rich in both excitement and education as Carmen Sandiego attempts to steal the most valuable objects in the world. It's up to our detectives and the audience to figure out where in the world she is. Filled with unique characters, wonderful story lines and humor, this Emmy award-winning animated series educates kids of all ages in the subjects of history, geography and fun through its action-packed adventures! Now, all 40 episodes of this edutainment series are available for the first time on DVD!
This past July we passed along word from Mill Creek Entertainment that, following a delay, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - The Complete Series would be coming to DVD in February 2012, tentatively slated for the 14th. Now the studio has formally announced the title, finalizing the date for a week later, on February 21st (which we mentioned last week). The 4-disc set will have 40 episodes, and includes a Bonus Feature Film, The Secret Garden. Cost is a mere $12.98 SRP.

On the same day for the slightly smaller price of $9.98 SRP, Mill Creek is also releasing Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - The Best Of, a single-disc title with 10 episodes: "THE STOLEN SMILE," "A HIGHER CALLING," "DINOSAUR DELIRIUM," "MOONDREAMS," "BY A WHISKER," "THE GOOD OLD BAD OLD DAYS," "RULES OF THE GAME," "CHAPTER AND VERSE," "MUSIC TO MY EARS," and "THE PLAY'S THE THING." Don't forget that the show's voice cast includes Rita Moreno, James Avery, James Belushi, Tim Curry and many more! Here's a look a the package art for both titles:

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - The Complete Series

Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego - The Best Of

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