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Once an Eagle (mini-series) - Fan Site Says DVD Campaign Worked, Universal Releasing in 2010!

No specific release date yet for the 1976 production starring Sam Elliot

Posted by David Lambert
It's interesting the way things can coincidentally happen in this world. Sometimes it's just serendipity. This news post is an example of that. It started when I "met" an old friend. First, a bit of back story.

20 years ago, before the mainstream began using the world wide web, there were online services people paid to access. Everyone know America Online ("AOL"), which is the last one around. Many may remember Prodigy which was the #2 service in 1990, but is now defunct. Prior to those, the original online services from 1979 onward were The Source and CompuServe (CIS). In 1989, The Source was bought by CIS, which was #1 at the time. But after the rise of AOL through the '90s, their owners (H&R Block) split CompuServe up, and sold the main online service to AOL. This past July 1st, "CompuServe Classic" was finally shut down after 30 years (though AOL says the "CompuServe 2000" version will continue).

I've been using home computers and online services since high school, and my favorite was CompuServe. My favorite spot there was the Sci Fi Forum: we talked about Star Trek: TNG and others with our online friends (including people involved with the show!). Nowadays we all use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to get the same sort of friendly online interaction. Last night I accidentally spotted a name on Facebook who was an old friend from my CIS days! Her name is Marte Brengle; my friend request was quickly accepted, and we began playing catch-up about our lives.

Now here's where the "TV news" comes in; thanks for your patience, it's about to get good! When I told Marte that I worked here now, she responded "TVShowsOnDVD? Hey, can you get someone to release 'Once An Eagle'? :)" I recalled this as being a mini-series from the mid-'70s, but I couldn't remember the details, so I headed over to the IMDB listing to jog my memory about the cast (Sam Elliot, Cliff Potts, Glenn Ford, Amy Irving, Kim Hunter, Lynda Day George, Ralph Bellamy, Juliet Mills and more), and the studio (Universal).

While I was at the IMDB listing for Once An Eagle, I scrolled down to the message board section at the bottom and saw a discussion consisting of one entry, posted by "ClanFerguson" late in the day just two days ago, called "Site Reporting NBC Universal Will Release DVD in Early 2010." The post only consisted of a URL, and for Marte's sake AND for the sake of all of YOU interested readers, I checked out the URL of course. It's for, which has the following two-month old message at the top (head over there, please for further details):

    "Once An Eagle" Miniseries
    to be released in early 2010!

    Thank you NBC Universal!

    August 2009: We did it! The “Giveustheminiseres!“ campaign, orchestrated by Tom Hebert, played a critical role in NBC Universal’s decision to bring Sam Damon to DVD. Tom thanks everyone who participated!
This info, posted at this fan site for a little while now, obviously flew under our radar...until my old online friend, coincidentally found just yesterday, coincidentally asked me about a mini-series that I coincidentally had to look up, which was at a resource website which coincidentally had just gotten a post linking us over to the very good DVD news! Of course, it's NO coincidence that we're pleased to pass this on to all of you (that's our job, after all)!

We'll keep an eye out for Universal's formal studio announcement for the title, naturally, and bring you an update when we have the specific street date and any further details about the release. Stay tuned!

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Once an Eagle (mini-series)

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