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ER - Get 'Ambush'-ed at Target: Retailer Has Exclusive Bonus w/Alternate Ep Version!

Posted by David Lambert
ER - The Complete 4th Season arrives on DVD next Tuesday, December 20th. When Warner Bros. first announced this 6-DVD set, we filled you in about how the season debuted with "Ambush," an episode that was performed live on the air...twice: once for the "east coast" and once for the "west coast"! When we checked in with the studio about which version would be on the set, we crossed our fingers and hoped the answer was "both." It wasn't, though: we were told that only the "west coast" version would be on this set, joining such extras concerning the live episode as "Anatomy of an Ambush" and "Live Post Show: how the cast and crew wound down after 'Ambush' aired" (just a couple of the extras on this set).

TVShowsOnDVD's own Gord Lacey didn't let it rest there, though. He had a heart-to-heart talk with the folks at Warner Home Entertainment about this episode, and got them to realize that there would be a good number of fans of the show who would enjoy the alternate version as a bonus of some sort, to compare the way two live performances - back to back, no less - would compare and contrast. The message did get through, and while Warner said that it was too late at that point to include both versions on the main set, they would look into the idea of getting the "east coast" version of "Ambush" onto some sort of separate bonus DVD.

This week we've found out some great news from a Target employee, who shall remain anonymous so as not to jeopardize their employment status with the retailer. We got the tip - and Warner has confirmed this with us - that the weekly sales flyer which will be circulating this coming Sunday shows that Target has indeed obtained the alternate version of "Ambush" on a Target-exclusive bonus DVD which will come free with your purchase of ER - The Complete 4th Season. Sweet.

We don't have a scan of the ad yet, but we'll try to bring you one on Sunday when the ad circular is released. Stay tuned!

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