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Dynasty - NOW We'll Get the Alexis/Krystle Lily Pond Catfght: Season 3, Vol. 2 Announced!

Second half of the 3rd season, including Jack Coleman of Heroes, this October

Posted by David Lambert
Dynasty - Season 3, Volume 1 came out this past Tuesday, with the first half of the classic primetime soap's third season. We originally were told that the release would be the entire Season 3 set, then we found out that Paramount had decided to split it into half-season sets instead. Then we were confused a bit, because rear package art for Season 3, Volume 1 initially showed scenes from the famous "lily pond catfight"...which didn't occur until the *end* of the third season. After our report about that, though, the studio changed the pictures on the back of the box to remove those mistaken lily pond scene pics and replace them with general pics of Krystle and Alexis.

This morning Paramount Home Entertainment officially announced that Dynasty - Season 3, Volume 2 will make it home at last, on October 21st! You'll get the remaining 12 episodes from the season, including the lily pond catfight episode "The Threat" (the next-to-last one of the season), plus "The Mirror." That's the episode where Steve Carrington's bandages come off following his accident, and we see that Jack Coleman (who currently plays Noah "Horned-Rimmed Glasses guy" Bennet on Heroes) has replaced Al Corley in that role.

Total running time is 9 hours, 36 minutes long on a 3-disc set. Video is full screen, and audio is English mono and Spanish mono, with English and Spanish subtitles plus closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Stay tuned for cover art, pricing and any additional info which might come along.

UPDATE/NOTE: We've gotten about a dozen e-mails from folks, remarking on what I wrote above in regards to the studio changing the back of the box for Season 3, Volume 1. It seems Paramount must have printed up, and sent out, at least a few copies of the package that DID include the "lily pond catfight" scene pictures on it...because these people all have them! If you have one, then no need to write to us. Just hang onto MIGHT just have yourself a collector's item! Thanks for everyone who took the time to send us a note.

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