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Dungeons & Dragons - TVShowsOnDVD's Christmas Eve Exclusive: Rumors Of Classic '83 Toon To DVD!

Posted by David Lambert
Quick, name a show that stars the voices of "Tommy and Nicholas Bradford" (Willie Aames and Adam Rich of Eight Is Enough), "Ralph Malph" (Donny Most of Happy Days), and "Optimus Prime" and "Megatron" (Peter Cullen and Frank Welker of the original Transformers).

Need more clues? Okay, the writing staff included Michael Reaves, Mark Evanier, and Lost writer (and one of the main men behind Warner's '90s revitalization of the DC Comics superhero cartoons) Paul Dini. Oh, it's worth noting that Reaves and Dini also spent time writing Transformers stories, too, while Evanier is well-known for his Garfield & Friends cartoons. But where in 1983 could you find all of this talent in one place?

TSR's hot game "Dungeons & Dragons" (usually characterized as a "board game," but anyone who's played it knows that there isn't any board...although there ARE plenty of dice) was turned into an animated series by Marvel Productions, and aired on CBS Saturday mornings from 1983 to 1985. 27 episodes of Dungeons & Dragons where made, about the adventures of Hank, Eric, Sheila, Presto, Diana and Bobby. One day these kids go on a roller coaster ride in our own world, at a normal everyday amusement park. Before they know it, though, the ride coasts them into a world of magic, where the diminutive Dungeon Master shows up from time to time to give them guidance and direction. He also gives them each a magical weapon that they must use to get themselves out of many a scrape with the fearsome monsters of this realm. Along the way they befriend Uni the Unicorn, who accompanies them on their quests.

Marvel's works had been the property of Saban ("Power Rangers") Entertainment for a long time, and when Disney bought Saban this property had likely gone there with the rest. The paper-and-dice game, though, was owned by TSR, which was bought in recent years by "Magic: The Gathering" card game company Wizards Of The Coast. So we're not sure who exactly would be putting this out on DVD, yet the industry rumors we have heard are indeed that we all can most likely expect this long-awaited cartoon classic to make it's way onto DVD in North America sometime in 2006.

Mind you, it's *just* a rumor at this time...but it comes to us from a very good source who has proven reliable in the past. We wanted to share it with you this Christmas Eve, as our gift to all the fans of this show (whether you celebrate Christmas or not) who have waited so patiently for it. Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated with news on this potential release as we get it!

Correction (12/26): The show aired on CBS, not ABC as originally stated. This has been corrected above. TVShowsOnDVD regrets the error, and I (David) can only plead weariness in the face of getting my holiday preparations done. Our thanks to reader Ben Scripps for pointing the error out to us so politely.

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