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DuckTales - Could this be the contents of the upcoming 3-disc set?

Posted by David Lambert
We have some exciting Ducktales info today, from a retail source who spoke to us on the condition that they would remain anonymous. This is somebody new to us, and we haven't been able to confirm the information with a second source yet. Normally we would be cautious with a new source like this, but this person comes across as knowing their stuff, so we're going to go out on a bit of a limb here and pass the info along to our readers. Take it all with a grain of salt, though, just in case somebody is putting us on!

In our previous news story, we told you that DuckTales on DVD will be a 3-disc set that goes for $34.99 SRP. Our new best friend tells us that there will be 27 episodes on this release, and ought to follow in general airdate order as a "Volume 1" release. The list we were given (below) does seem to follow the episode guide, but it does NOT include the pilot telefilm "Treasure of the Golden Suns," however. It starts at the first regular episode and continues from there:
    1) "Send In The Clones"
    2) "Sphinx For The Memories"
    3) "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"
    4) "Armstrong"
    5) "Robot Robbers"
    6) "Magica's Shadow War"
    7) "Master Of The Djinni"
    8) "Hotel Strangeduck"
    9) "The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan"
    10) "Duckman of Aquatraz"
    11) "The Money Vanishes"
    12) "Sir Gyro de Gearloose"
    13) "Dinosaur Ducks"
    14) "Hero For Hire"
    15) "Superdoo!"
    16) "Maid Of The Myth"
    17) "Down And Out In Duckberg"
    18) "Much Ado About Scrooge"
    19) "Top Duck"
    20) "The Pearl Of Wisdom"
    21) "The Curse Of Castle McDuck"
    22) "Launchpad's Civil War"
    23) "Sweet Duck Of Youth"
    24) "Earthquack"
    25) "Home Sweet Homer"
    26) "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"
    27) "Microducks From Outer Space"

We're also told that no extras have been mentioned so far. We're hoping that changes, of course, since this and Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers are only the second and third Disney DVD season-set releases of an animated series, and the first one - Gargoyles - has had some supplements.

We'll keep an eye out for the official announcement on this release, and let you know if there are any differences between it and the info we've brought you today. In the meantime, if we haven't irritated our source with our cautious wording, we hope they can provide more details about Rescue Rangers soon. Stay tuned!

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