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Doctor Who - A New Box Art Shot and Other Updates for 'The Web of Fear'

Available to own on DVD in the USA and Canada on April 22nd

Posted by David Lambert
In the middle of last week we brought you a story about Doctor Who - Story #041: The Web of Fear on DVD, and how BBC Home Entertainment had scheduled it to come out in the USA and Canada on April 22nd. That date is firmly in place at this time, but we're still waiting on the studio to supply us with finalized details about the title.

Extras for this title (IF there will be any...and there's no hints yet that there will) haven't been discussed by the BBC so far. And we're not even 100% certain if the still-missing 3rd episode of the arc (this serial was produced in six parts) will be represented on DVD as the hoped-for animated re-creation (of the sort we've seen in other classic Doctor Who releases that have missing episodes: #046: The Invasion; #008: The Reign of Terror; #039: The Ice Warriors; #029: The Tenth Planet; and upcoming #033: The Moonbase).

What might you get, if not that? Well, for the already-available digital streaming version of Web, that third episode was represented by a series of still-frame photos displayed over the remastered audio. Fans have clearly been hoping for animation, though, and we THINK that's what will fans get. However, the BBC has NOT said for sure, and the DVD could still continue to have the "still-frame-photos" version of Episode 3 after all. Stay tuned; we're trying hard to find out and be certain what it will be!

[NOTE (1/24): on the same day we were posting this story, our friends at the Doctor Who News website have posted the U.K. release's details about this title, and overseas it will have the "still-frame-photos" version of the Episode 3 reconstruction; the North American release is likely to have the same. Although sometimes there are differences in Doctor Who DVD releases between the U.K. and what we get here in the USA/Canada, more often a difference that is this significant will not occur. So fans on this side of the ocean should anticipate NOT getting the animated reconstruction of Episode 3 that we hoped for. However, we are still waiting on word directly from either BBC Home Entertainment or distributor Warner Home Video to confirm EXACTLY what the Region1 contents of this title shall be.]

In the meantime, however, we do have something new to show you for this title. In our previous report, we had a look at the key artwork which would become the package cover art for Doctor Who - Story #041: The Web of Fear. BBC Home Entertainment hasn't brought us the finalized packaging images yet, nor has their distributor (Warner Home Video). However, Canadian retailers have gotten a low-res look at the package from Warner Canada, and we've got an enlarged look at that box for you below. It's not a sharp image, but it's the best we've got at this time. Check it out:

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Doctor Who - Story #041: The Web of Fear

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