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Doctor Who - What Who in October? DVDs for Brain of Morbius and Trial of a Time Lord Box!

Get this 4-Disc Colin Baker Collection AND the Single-DVD Tom Baker story on October 7th

Posted by David Lambert
Doctor Who - Trial of a Time Lord (Stories #144-147) box art

The BBC and Warner Home Video have announced a pair of classic Doctor Who DVD releases for October...and one of them is a "season set"! Let's look at the big package first.

Only a couple of times in the history of the original Doctor Who program did an entire season, or "series" as they prefer to call it in the U.K., take on a story arc that lasted throughout that entire production year's stories. One such time was with the 16th season, "The Key To Time" episodes with Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, which is already on DVD. The 23rd season, the "Trial of a Time Lord" episodes with Colin Baker in his final period as the 6th Doctor, is now coming to DVD as a 4-disc set on October 7th.

Nicola Bryant co-stars as Companion "Peri," and some guest stars you'll recognize include Honor Blackman (Goldfinger, The Avengers), Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace) and Lynda Bellingham (All Creatures Great and Small). And, of course, Bonnie Langford is introduced as new Companion "Mel." Here are the details:

  • Doctor Who - Story #144: Trial of a Time Lord, Part 1: The Mysterious Planet
      The saga begins when the Tardis is drawn into a mammoth space station. The Doctor emerges alone to face a tribunal of the Time Lords, and placed on trial for cosmic interference. The trial beings with a screening of the Doctor arriving on Ravalox. 4 episodes.
      • Commentary with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Tony Selby and Adam Blackwood.
      • Commentary with script editor Eric Saward on Episode 1
      • "The Making of The Mysterious Planet" Featurette
      • Deleted and Extended Scenes
      • Trailers and Continuity Segments
      • 35mm Film Sequence: the full-length version of the impressive motion-control model shot that opened the story.
      • Music Videos
      • Wogan: Colin Baker and Lynda Bellingham appear on the Terry Wogan show in August 1986.
      • Blue Peter: presenters Mark Curry and Janet Ellis talk to Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford and the designers and operators of the L1 and L3 robots, whilst Peter Duncan interviews the villainous Sil, played by Nabil Shaban.
      • Points of View: Anne Robinson responds to viewer's letters on the Doctor's return.
      • Photo Gallery
      • Subtitle Production Notes
  • Doctor Who - Story #145: Trial of a Time Lord, Part 2: Mindwarp
      The cosmic prosecutor, Valeyard, builds his case against Doctor Who, with evidence recorded in the Matrix and through the Tardis. The Doctor's most recent adventure is introduced as evidence of his guilt. 4 episodes.
      • Commentary with actors Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, writer Philip Martin.
      • "The Making of Mindwarp" Featurette
      • Deleted and Extended Scenes
      • "Now and Then: On the Trail of a Time Lord" - a look at the locations used in the making of the story, comparing how they were then with how they are today.
      • "A Fate Worse than Death?" - Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant commentary over the closing scenes of episode 14, in which it is revealed that Peri didn't die, but instead married...Brian Blessed!
      • Trailers and Continuity Segments
      • TV Talkback: Phillip Schofield reads out viewer's letters on the return of Doctor Who and the new title music, in this extract from Saturday Superstore.
      • Children in Need 1985 Special: Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and producer John Nathan-Turner visit the Blackpool Doctor Who Exhibition. Back in the studio, Terry Wogan and Patrick Moore greet a plethora of Doctors and companions as they all emerge from the TARDIS to present a cheque to the 1985 Children in Need appeal.
      • Lenny Henry: Lenny Henry is the Doctor in this comedy sketch from his series.
      • Photo Gallery
      • Subtitle Production Notes
  • Doctor Who - Story #146: Trial of a Time Lord, Part 3: Terror of the Vervoids
      The Doctor presents his case, a story from his near future that occurs after he has met a new companion, Melanie. 4 episodes.
      • Commentary with actors Colin Baker, Michael Craig, writers Pip and Jane Baker, director Chris Clough.
      • "The Making of Terror of the Vervoids" Featurette
      • Deleted and Extended Scenes
      • Trailers and Continuity Segments
      • "The Lost Season" Featurette: The story of the plans for the original season 23, which was dropped when the series was rested at the end of season 22.
      • "Now, Get Out of That!" - A trio of professional television writers examine the art of Doctor Who's famous cliffhanger endings.
      • Saturday Picture Show: Mark Curry interviews Bonnie Langford in this extract from the children's Saturday morning TV show.
      • Photo Gallery
      • Subtitle Production Notes
  • Doctor Who - Story #147: Trial of a Time Lord, Part 4: The Ultimate Foe
      Finally, the truth is revealed as The Master (Anthony Ainley) appears in the courtroom. 2 episodes.
      • Commentary with actors Colin Baker, Tony Selby, director Chris Clough, and for Episode 14 only, writers Pip and Jane Baker.
      • Commentary with script editor Eric Saward on Episode 13
      • "The Making of The Ultimate Foe" Featurette
      • Deleted and Extended Scenes
      • Trailers and Continuity Segments
      • "Trials and Tribulations": Flagship documentary looking at Colin Baker's tenure as the Doctor, a particularly turbulent era in the show's history.
      • 1985 Hiatus: a compilation of media footage reporting the 'resting' of the show in 1985.
      • "Doctor in Distress": a music video to accompany a single put together by fans in an attempt to raise public awareness of the resting of the show, included with the kind permission of Ian Levine.
      • "Open Air": Pattie Coldwell, joined by writers Pip and Jane Baker and producer John Nathan-Turner, canvasses the opinions of members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society following the finale of 'The Trial of a Time Lord'.
      • Saturday Superstore: presenters Sarah Greene and Mike Read are joined by Colin Baker to talk about Doctor Who and take questions over the telephone from viewers, followed by the cutting of a TARDIS cake to celebrate the programme's 23rd birthday.
      • Photo Gallery
      • Coming Soon: a trailer for a forthcoming DVD release.
      • DVD-ROM/PDF Material: Radio Times billings for all fourteen episodes, a BBC Press Office release containing quotes about the series, and an extract from the children's magazine Zig Zag, which goes behind the scenes during the making of the show.
      • Subtitle Production Notes
We EXPECT those 4 DVDs to be available to purchase separately if desired, but so far BBC/Warner has only announced them as a complete collection titled Doctor Who - Trial of a Time Lord (Stories #144-147), costing $59.98 SRP. Running time is 350 minutes for 14 episodes. Video is full screen, audio is English mono, and English subtitles are included. Package art was shown at the top of this story.

ALSO arriving on October 7th is Doctor Who - Story #084: The Brain of Morbius on DVD. This 4-episode story takes us back to Tom Baker's years as the 4th Doctor, and will arrive as a single-disc release costing $24.98 SRP. The Doctor is accompanied by Companion Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, The Sarah Jane Adventures) on this adventure. Here is the studio description:
    The planet Karn is home both to a mystic Sisterhood, whose sacred flame produces an elixir of life, and to Mehendri Solon, a fanatical scientist who is using the remnants of spaceship crash victims to put together a new body for the still-living brain of the executed Time Lord criminal Morbius. When the Doctor and Sarah arrive on the planet, Solon decides that the Doctor's head is just what he needs to complete his work.
Besides the 100-minute featured episodes, bonus material will include a Commentary track with actors Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen and Philip Madoc, director Christopher Barry and producer Philip Hinchcliffe; a "Designs on Karn" Featurette; a 3-D CGI "Set Tour"; a Sketch Gallery; Photo Gallery; a Coming Soon trailer; DVD-ROM/PDF material; Subtitle Production Notes; and Easter Eggs. Video is full screen, audio is English mono, and English subtitles are included as well. Warner has so far only provided a medium-resolution look at the box art, so please forgive the fuzziness of the packaging picture below:

Doctor Who - Story #084: The Brain of Morbius early box art

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