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Doctor Who - The Only Unreleased/Unannounced 5th Doctor (Davison) Story is Now Scheduled for DVD!

'Story #132: The Awakening' will be available in North America this July

Posted by David Lambert
From 1982 to 1984 Peter Davison was the 5th Doctor, entertaining viewers of the original series with 20 different story arcs over the course of three series ("seasons"). When Doctor Who DVDs were first released in North America (on 9/11 day), a Davison-era tale was included among those three titles: Story #130: The Five Doctors. Since then, eighteen other 5th Doctor stories have either come to Region 1, or else been scheduled for release in the near future. And by mid-year we'll have the last of Davison's twenty classical contributions: today the BBC and distributor Warner Home Video have announced that on July 12th they will make available the only unreleased-on-DVD story from Davison's run on the program: Doctor Who - Story #132: The Awakening.

This story, which features companion Tegan (Janet Fielding) being taken back by the Doctor to meet her own grandfather (and discovering an alien war machine called The Malus on 1984 Earth along the way), is actually a very short one that consists of just 50 minutes overall, split among 2 episodes. Bonus material start with the usual sort, with Audio Commentary by Cast and Crew, a Behind-the-Scenes documentary, a "Now and Then" featurette (comparing locations used for shooting at the time of production to how they look today), and the usual Subtitle Notes, PDF material and so forth. You will also be able to find a Deleted Scene from this episode, cut from the original broadcast for timing reasons, featuring the Doctor's most unusual companion ever: the shape-changing android Kamelion. The metal man was first seen in Story #129: The King's Demons, and then next seen for his exit in Story #135: Planet of Fire. This deleted scene (which includes Tegan, and was previously on DVD in a featurette on The King's Demons) would have given viewers insight into where Kamelion had been in between his two primary stories: hiding in the depths of the TARDIS! You'll be able to see it on this disc which features the episode this scene was shot for.

Pricing for Doctor Who - Story #132: The Awakening is just $14.98 SRP, and package art for this title is shown below. By now you might be asking yourself, "hey...what about the OTHER classic Who title for July?" After all, the BBC's 2011 DVD release schedule for North America has announced TWO classic Doctor Who offerings each and every month up through June. So, isn't July going to be a pair of titles as well? Sorry, no, it doesn't appear so at this time. As of this writing, BBC/Warner is only listing a single classic Who DVD on their July schedule, even though we know that other titles (such as the 7th Doctor's Story #149: Paradise Towers) are in production for future release. Just not in the seventh month, apparently. Hmmm, just guessing here, but does that mean that July could possibly see a DVD (and Blu-ray!) release of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in Doctor Who - The 6th Series, Part 1, to tide fans over before the September broadcast debut of the "back half" of the sixth season?

In case you have missed the announcement, the current Doctor Who program has annoyingly joined the ranks of shows which will air the season's first half, do a "mid-season finale" and take a months-long break, then air the rest later on (gosh, what an irritating trend this has become in recent years, right?). Over here, we are making the assumption that - like other shows which broadcast in split-seasons - the home video releases will also be split up the same way as the broadcasts are (and probably with a "Complete Series 6" set also available later on). So perhaps a single-classic-title schedule for July is our clue that a "6th Series, Part 1" home video release might be timed for that particular month. Again this idea about a possible DVD release of the first half in July is just speculation, though, and it currently has no basis in fact. Stay tuned, however, and we'll keep an eye on it and let you know!

Doctor Who - Story #132: The Awakening

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