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Doctor Who - 'Story #109: Shada' - The Unfinished Story Written by Douglas Adams - is Announced!

Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, along with Romana and K-9, come home in January

Posted by David Lambert
Almost exactly a year ago we reported that Doctor Who - Story #109: Shada, the Douglas Adams-written story starring Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, was being planned for a DVD release. In the article, we described how this 1979 production, originally set to be the 17th season finale, went unfinished due to a labor strike that affected Doctor Who and other BBC programs. Since the story never completed filming, a small part of it was used in a scene from Story #130: The Five Doctors, and then in 1992 a VHS release of Shada came out, with the BBC using the existing filmed scenes, and then with Tom Baker himself providing narration to link the missing portions of the story to all of the available scenes and sequences.

Today, BBC Home Entertainment and distributor Warner Home Video have announced that Doctor Who - Story #109: Shada will come to DVD on January 8th, as a 2-disc set which is priced at $39.98 SRP. Running 109 minutes, it features digitally remastered picture and sound quality. The bonus material will feature the already-announced-as-included 1995 documentary "More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS." This highly-desirable item is described as having "dozens of classic excerpts featuring all seven [classic program] Doctors, clips from the widescreen trailers of the two Dalek movies starring Peter Cushing," and more "archive gems" and "treasures from the cutting room floor." Sweet! You'll ADDITIONALLY get these special features as well:
  • Shada - Flash version
  • Taken Out of Time
  • Now and Then
  • Strike! Strike! Strike!
  • Being a Girl Women in Doctor Who
  • Remembering Nicholas Courtney
  • Doctor Who Stories - Peter Purves
  • The Lambert Tapes - Part 1 (about founding producer Verity Lambert)
  • Those Deadly Divas
  • Photo Galleries
  • Easter Egg
  • PDF materials: Radio Times Listings
  • Production Note Subtitles
Note that out of all the stories featuring Tom Baker's 4th Doctor, there's only one left that's unreleased-on-DVD besides Shada, and that's Story #080: Terror of the Zygons (which is already said to be in-the-works for release sometime in 2013). Getting Shada first is a thrill for many fans, including me! Package art isn't available yet, but here's a quote of the studio's description about this item, with all the remaining information currently available to us through BBC/Warner sources:
    New to DVD! Digitally remastered Doctor Who classic Shada! Written by Douglas Adams as his final contribution to Doctor Who, Shada was envisaged as a Time Lord story without a Gallifreyan setting. It sees the Doctor bringing Romana to present-day Earth to visit Professor Chronotis, an elderly Time Lord who absconded from Gallifrey and now lives a quiet academic life at St Cedd's College in Cambridge. Also seeking Chronotis is a scientist called Skagra who has a device, in the form of a floating sphere, with which he intends to steal the Professor's mind and thereby learn the location of a book entitled The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey. Skagra eventually succeeds in obtaining the book, which has been borrowed from the Professor's study by a student named Chris Parsons. He then kidnaps Romana and hijacks the TARDIS.

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