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Doctor Who - Update About 'The Doctors Revisited: 1-4,' Plus FIVE More Titles Coming! ***UPDATE: A Sixth Upcoming Title, too!***

Get ready for 2 3 new-to-DVD stories, an SE, a classic story Blu-ray(!), and the animated 40th Anniversary event...all supposedly in 2013!

Posted by David Lambert
Yesterday BBC Entertainment announced the June 11th releases of 3 titles related to the classic show: Doctor Who - Story #054: Inferno: Special Edition (an upgrade from this story's previous DVD release in 2006), Doctor Who - Story #056: The Mind of Evil (new to DVD, and with all six episodes restored to color), and Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited: 1-4. For the latter, we've confirmed that the 4-disc set meant to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary will include the new BBC America documentary specials about each Doctor, the classic stories for each of those Doctors that we mentioned in yesterday's write-up, AND a specially recorded introduction to each classic story by current showrunner Steven Moffat! Here now is the official studio description of this title:
    2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction show in history! To celebrate, the BBC is releasing a curated selection of the best of each of this storied program's eleven Doctors. This initial release showcases Doctor Who's first four doctors, including William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and Tom Baker, spanning from 1963-1981, a period of almost twenty years! The Doctors Revisited includes a profile of each Doctor and one classic story for each, including: The Aztecs, Tomb of the Cyberman, Spearhead from Space, and Pyramids of Mars.
All three of the above items, that we first reported on yesterday, are now available to pre-order from At a discount, naturally. Again, these will all be available June 11th.

But what about the rest of the year? A couple of months ago, our friends at passed along word about the U.K. release schedule through September...but that's across the ocean. We don't report on that; we're strictly a North American site. But interestingly enough, one of our readers - our thanks to you, Richard Schaefer! - alerted us that State-side e-tailer has begun taking pre-orders for 5 more classic Doctor Who titles that are in-the-works...coincidentally, all of them on the list from across the pond. They are:
  • Doctor Who - Story #039: The Ice Warriors
      $34.98 SRP; this 6-part story featuring the 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton) is missing the original 2nd and 3rd episodes, but those will be replaced in this DVD release via new animation synced up with restored versions of the broadcast soundtracks.

  • Doctor Who - Story #051: Spearhead From Space: Special Edition Blu-ray
      $29.98 SRP; the 4-part debut story for the 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee), and the first one in color, is the ONLY classic Doctor Who arc which can PROPERLY be released as a high-def Blu-ray Disc, because it was the only one shot on actual film (the rest of the original show, and even the new show up to and including the 10th Doctor Christmas Special "The Next Doctor," were all shot to regular videotape, which is naturally non-HD). As part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, the BBC is releasing Spearhead on Blu!

  • Doctor Who - Story #069: The Green Death: Special Edition
      $34.98 SRP; previously released on DVD in 2005, this 6-part story featuring the 3rd Doctor (Pertwee) was the final appearance of Katy Manning as companion Jo Grant, and is getting a new upgraded DVD release this year.

  • Doctor Who - Story #080: Terror of the Zygons
      $34.98 SRP; the only story starring the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) that hasn't made it to DVD yet, this is the final regular appearance by Ian Marter as companion Harry Sullivan (though he would temporarily show up again soon for another story); The Doctor, Harry, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier carry the fight to the Scottish Highlands, where they encounter THE Loch Ness Monster!

  • Doctor Who - The Scream of the Shalka
      $34.98 SRP; the year 2003 saw the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who, but at the time there was no ongoing television series with which to celebrate that landmark. So the BBC put together a 6-part flash-animated series available on the internet in November and December of that year. The voice of "the 9th Doctor" (who, in the post-Chrisopher Eccleston world is now referred to as "The Shalka Doctor") was played by Richard E. Grant, who also briefly appeared in 1999's Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death (a special charity production for Comic Relief) and also in the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, "The Snowmen." This 90-minute production also features the voice of Derek Jacobi as "The Master" (a role he would reprise in the 10th Doctor episode "Utopia"), as well as the voice of David Tennant in a small role as "The Caretaker," two years before he would be cast to become the 10th Doctor himself! A can't-miss slice of Who history indeed.
As we say, all five of those titles are available to pre-order from right now. So you can lock in your copies immediately, but there's no North American street date assigned to these titles yet, because the BBC hasn't announced them so far for the USA and Canada. Stay tuned and we'll bring you those dates, plus details and package art, once it all becomes official.

UPDATE: We missed one! There's a sixth classic title up for pre-order at Amazon with no set date yet...AND it's another new-to-DVD story to boot! Here it is:
  • Doctor Who - Story #029: The Tenth Planet
      $34.98 SRP; this 4-episode story from 1966 marked the final regular appearance of William Hartnell as the 1st Doctor. It was the first story to have a regeneration, and the first story with the Cybermen! The final episode of this arc - with the regeneration - is missing from the BBC archives, but will be restored to this DVD release by way of a animated remake of the scenes, synced up with a soundtrack from the original broadcast.

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