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Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition Re-Announced: Date, Details, NEW Box Art

2-disc set coming out two years after it was originally planned, in March

Posted by David Lambert
    The TARDIS arrives in London in November 1963, where the Doctor and Ace discover that two rival factions of Daleks - one loyal to the Dalek Emperor and one to the Dalek Supreme - are seeking the Hand of Omega, a powerful Time Lord device that the first Doctor hid there during an earlier sojourn on Earth. The Daleks are focusing their search around Coal Hill School - the school that the Doctor's grand-daughter Susan attended - while a military unit led by Group Captain Gilmore is attempting to resist their incursions. The Doctor tries to keep Gilmore and his team out of harm's way while the two Dalek factions battle each other for control of the Hand. The imperial Daleks eventually overpower those led by the Dalek Supreme and capture the device. The Dalek Emperor is revealed to be Davros, now with only the last vestiges of his humanoid form remaining.
Two years ago this month, the BBC and Warner Home Video announced a number of Dalek-related DVD releases for the classic Doctor Who series. Plans were made public for a March 4, 2008 release of "Story #104: Destiny of the Daleks," an installment that was new to DVD, and which came out on that date, as scheduled. Also announced at the same time, complete with details and box art, was a Special Edition re-release of the 7th Doctor/Sylvester McCoy story "Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks"...along with a "Complete Davros Collection" box set that was to have contained all the DVD releases of every story featuring Davros: #78 ("Genesis of the Daleks"), #104 ("Destiny of the Daleks"), #134 ("Resurrection of the Daleks"), #143 ("Revelation of the Daleks") and #152 (the Special Edition of "Remembrance of the Daleks"). However, both of those offerings were removed from the schedule just weeks after they were announced. The reason given by the BBC at the time was said to be "clearance issues."

Today we learned that the BBC and Warner Home Video have put Doctor Who - Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition back on the schedule at last. Following the clearing up of the clearance issues, BBC Video and continued to hold off on the North American release for a while, because the Special Edition release wasn't available individually in the U.K. was being exclusively offered as part of the British release of the Complete Davros Collection box set over there. This past summer, however, the Remembrance SE was made available separately in the United Kingdom, so now they've decided to finally offer it over here as well. To tie this title in with another great Dalek-related release - the just-announced 4-disc set of Doctor Who - Story #067, 068: Dalek War - it will be released in the USA and Canada on March 2, 2010.

Since this is being re-offered for Region 1, we asked BBC Video whether fans could look forward to seeing the Doctor Who - Complete Davros Collection offered here once again as well. Unfortunately the response was that "there are no current plans to release The Davros Collection in North America." Fans will just have to pick those titles up individually.

Inquiring about the content of the Region 1 version of Doctor Who - Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition, we were told by the BBC that "aside from the unfortunately required cut of a Beatles song from one of the episodes, the Region 1 DVD has the same content as the Region 2 release." The fact that the Beatles song could not be included in North America is no surprise; that information was available in 2007, per the info available from the terrific folks at the Doctor Who Restoration Team. So whatever other clearance issues may have arisen were obviously cleared up, since we're now getting the release otherwise intact. Plus the excellent list of bonus material on this 2-disc set:
  • Audio Commentary by actors Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred
  • Back to School: "Making Of" documentary (32 mins)
  • Remembrances: Influences and references to earlier Doctor Who adventures (15 mins)
  • Davros Connections: In-depth look at the history of the Daleks' creator (43 mins)
  • Extended and Deleted Scenes (12 mins)
  • Outtakes (4 mins)
  • Multi-Angle Sequences (2 mins)
  • Isolated Music Option
  • Trailers and Continuities (5 mins)
  • Photo Gallery (8 mins)
  • Easter egg
  • DVD-ROM material: Radio Times listings
  • Production Notes Subtitle Option
The 4 episodes on this story are presented in full frame video, with digitally remastered picture and sound quality. And that sound is high-quality indeed, as the Special Edition release has a new English Dolby 5.1 Surround Mix exclusive to this DVD. A Spanish Stereo 2.0 track is also mentioned by distributor Warner Home Video, but we're not certain if that specific piece of info is correct. Running time is 93 minutes. Cost is $24.98 SRP. Package art has been updated since 2 years ago, and is looking VERY different than what was seen in the original announcement. Here it is:

Doctor Who - Story #152: Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition

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