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Doctor Who - The 1st Doctor's 'Story #008: The Reign of Terror' Announced for DVD

The 2 missing episodes for this 1964 production will be included as animated recreations

Posted by David Lambert
    The TARDIS arrives near Paris during the French Revolution, a time of great upheaval, bloodshed and terror. Soon, with the Doctor trapped inside a burning farmhouse, Ian imprisoned and Susan and Barbara on their way to the guillotine, it's clear this will be one of their most dangerous and exciting adventures yet...
Doctor Who - Story #008: The Reign of TerrorBBC Home Entertainment has announced today that Doctor Who - Story #008: The Reign of Terror is being released for DVD on February 12th. William Hartnell stars as the First Doctor, with Carole Ann Ford as his granddaughter, Susan Foreman, and companions Ian and Barbara played by William Russell and Jacqueline Hill. The single-disc title is priced at $24.98 SRP, and will contain exclusive extras which includes the Making-Of Featurette "Don't Lose Your Head," a Photo Gallery, an Animation Gallery, and the Trailer "The First Doctor Returns," plus more. And the included episodes are digitally remastered by the Restoration Team, of course. Well, the four that were found. As for the other two?

This story aired in six parts during August and September of 1964, and ended the show's first production season. The episodes were "A Land of Fear," "Guests of Madame Guillotine," "A Change of Identity," "The Tyrant of France," "A Bargain of Necessity," and "Prisoners of Conciergerie." This is among the productions which were junked/wiped by the BBC in the early '70s, but 4 of the 6 episodes were recovered from overseas in the years to follow. The 4th and 5th episodes weren't found, however, so when the story was released on VHS in the past, it was done with a 3-minute recap narration bridging the gap from the end of the third episode to the beginning of the sixth. Now the BBC is bringing those episodes back on this DVD via animated recreation, similar to what was done in 2007 with Story #046: The Invasion on DVD.

Finalized, full-sized package art for this title isn't available yet, but we do have an early look at the box in a small thumbnail size, up and to the right. Stay tuned and we'll bring you a look at the finished packaging, plus the finalized complete list of extras, just as soon as the studio makes it available.

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