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Doctor Who - The 1st Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara in 'Story #009: Planet of Giants'

This 1964 black-and-white adventure materializes in stores this September

Posted by David Lambert
    In an attempt to return Ian and Barbara to the twentieth century, the Doctor tries an unorthodox new technique. It causes the TARDIS doors to open in mid-flight, which sets alarms ringing inside the craft. The time travelers arrive on Earth only to discover that they have been drastically reduced in size. They are now tiny people in a world of giant objects. The TARDIS has materialized between the cracks in a garden patio. The garden is teeming with giant worms, ants and cats - all deadly hazards for the miniature time travelers. Worse still, the TARDIS crew learns that this garden is the testing site for a deadly insecticide, DN6. Developed to eliminate all insect life, the chemical may be equally effective against miniscule time travelers.
One of the few surviving (non-junked/wiped) stories from the 1st Doctor/Willam Hartnell era is Doctor Who - Story #009: Planet of Giants, a story which opened the classic show's second series (season) in October 1964. Produced by Verity Lambert (no relation), the 3 episodes were titled "Planet of the Giants," "Dangerous Journey" and "Crisis," and ran approx. 73 minutes all together. This morning BBC Home Entertainment has announced a DVD release of this arc, scheduled to be in stores on September 11th. Pricing for this single-disc title wasn't provided just yet, but we anticipate it to clock in at $24.98 SRP. We're also waiting on a finalized list of Bonus Material, but so far we're expecting at least the following, and probably a bit more:
  • Audio Commentary
  • The Urge to Live
  • "Rediscovering the Urge to Live"
  • "Suddenly Susan"
  • "The Lambert Tapes: The Doctor"
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailer
Note that "The Urge to Live" was originally going to be a fourth episode for this story arc, which was produced and shot, but it was decided to pick up the pace of the overall story by editing the third and fourth stories together into one so as to make the action go at a faster clip. Fans will get to explore that further in the extras on this DVD release! Here's the package art:

Doctor Who - Story #009: Planet of Giants

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