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Doctor Who - A 4th Doctor Tale and 2 Stories of the 7th Doctor Are Announced for May

5/8 street date for Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire and The Happiness Patrol

Posted by David Lambert
Just a week after announcing their April slate of classic Doctor Who DVD titles, the BBC has this morning announced a trio of original-program releases to come out the month after, on May 8th. All three are story arcs which are new-to-DVD! You'll get Tom Baker in the 4th Doctor adventure from 1979, Doctor Who - Story #107: Nightmare of Eden, with Romana and K-9. You'll also get Sylvester McCoy in a pair of 7th Doctor stories, 1987's Doctor Who - Story #151: Dragonfire (which marks the departure of Mel and the introduction of Ace) and 1988's Doctor Who - Story #153: The Happiness Patrol (with Ace). The DVD sets contain these arcs with digitally remastered picture and sound, of course. Package art and pricing haven't been revealed yet, although we do expect all three of these single-disc titles to clock in at $24.98 SRP (the usual price point for 1-DVD classic Doctor Who releases when they first come out). We don't have a finalized list of bonus material for any of these items, either, but we do have a short list for each of them with a few of the expected extras:

  • Doctor Who - Story #107: Nightmare of Eden (Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor)
      1 disc, 96 minutes, 4 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles

        Two spacecraft fuse in a hyperspace collision. Fortunately the Doctor, Romana and K-9 arrive to help. But when a crew member is found clawed by a ferocious animal, it seems there's something even more frightening stalking the corridors. The answers lie with zoologist Professor Tryst, his CET protection machine, and a planet called Eden - the home of the ferocious Mandrels.
      • Audio Commentary Tracks
      • "Going Solo: Bob Baker Remembers Nightmare of Eden" Featurette
      • The Nightmare of TV Centre
      • The Doctor's Strange Love: Nightmare of Eden (Featurette)
      • Clip from the Ask Aspel program
      • Photo Gallery
      • DVD-ROM Material

  • Doctor Who - Story #151: Dragonfire (Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor)
      1 disc, 73 minutes, 3 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles

        At the Iceworld Space Trading Colony on Svartos, the Doctor and Mel unexpectedly encounter an old 'friend.' The penniless and desperate Sabalom Glitz has only one option to leave Svartos: find the fabled 'Dragonfire' treasure concealed somewhere in the depths of the planet. Joined by Ace, a teenage waitress with a love for explosives, the group ventures off to uncover lost riches, not knowing that Kane, Iceworld's ruthlessly intimidating overlord, will gladly murder them all to gain possession of the Dragonfire himself. Before long the Doctor finds himself playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with Kane's mercenaries, descending through the ice caverns ever closer towards the deadly gaze of the monstrous dragon that lurks below.
      • Audio Commentary Tracks
      • Fire And Ice (Making-Of Featurette)
      • The Doctor's Strange Love: Dragonfire (Featurette)
      • The Big Bang Theory
      • Deleted and Extended Scenes
      • Photo Gallery
      • DVD-ROM Material

  • Doctor Who - Story #153: The Happiness Patrol (Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor)
      1 disc, 74 minutes, 3 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles

        On the planet Terra Alpha, bright fluorescent lights and garish candy-striped colors abound. The population constantly displays happy smiles. There's no sadness on Terra Alpha. Anyone feeling remotely glum disappears. Quickly. Having heard disturbing rumors, the Doctor and Ace arrive to topple the entire regime overnight. But they haven't reckoned upon the varied punitive measures enforced by colony leader Helen A. There are many delicious ways in which to vanish on Terra Alpha: you can be hunted down by the omnipresent Happiness Patrol or mauled by Helen A's ravenous pet Fifi. But those especially unlucky few will find themselves entertained in the sweetie factory manned by Helen A's psychotic henchman...the Kandy Man. This time, Happiness will prevail.
      • Audio Commentary Tracks
      • DVD-ROM Material
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