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Doctor Who - Announced: 'Inferno: SE,' New-to-DVD 'Mind of Evil' and 'Doctors Revisited: 1-4'

BBC Home Entertainment announces all three titles to be released in mid-June

Posted by David Lambert
With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in full force this year, the folks at BBC Home Entertainment have today announced THREE new DVD releases having to do with the legendary original show. Each of these will be in stores on June 11th, and at the time of this writing we don't have full details on any of them yet. Package art and bonus material are still yet to be announced by the BBC and their distributor, Warner Home Entertainment. We do have these descriptions for you, however, for each of the three titles:
  • Doctor Who - Story #054: Inferno: Special Edition
      "Inferno is a top-secret project that involves drilling down into the crust of the Earth to unleash a new energy source. However, the Doctor, along with his assistant Liz Shaw, is concerned that this drilling will have disastrous consequences for the whole world. His concerns are soon confirmed when the TARDIS throws him into a dangerous parallel universe, where Project Inferno is almost complete and the end of the world is near."
  • Doctor Who - Story #056: The Mind of Evil
      "A machine that drains evil from criminals' minds is the secret weapon in a plan to destroy the Doctor and doom world peace. Includes a bonus clip of the only surviving color footage of this historic 6-part adventure."
  • Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited: 1-4
      From January through November, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, BBC America is taking the TARDIS back in time once each month with brand-new specials on all eleven Doctors. These consist of documentaries titled "The Doctors Revisited: The First Doctor," etc., plus airings of stories for each Doctor (Story #006: The Aztecs for William Hartnell's 1st Doctor, Story #037: The Tomb Of The Cybermen for Patrick Troughton's 2nd Doctor, Story #051: Spearhead From Space for Jon Pertwee's 3rd Doctor, and Story #082: Pyramids Of Mars for Tom Baker's 4th Doctor). BBC Home Entertainment's DVD release of The Doctors Revisited: 1-4 collects the first four specials.
Please note that the above descriptions for the first two titles are direct quotes from distributor Warner Home Video, while the third title's description was put together by us using information gleaned from various BBC America announcements, plus the story linked above (about which 4th Doctor story will be featured). At this time we don't know if the DVD release for The Doctors Revisited: 1-4 will include the actual stories named (which accompany the broadcasts of the documentary specials), or if the release is of the documentaries only. We only know that it's a 4-disc set, priced at $39.98 SRP. But we'll update you further as more information becomes available.

Regarding the new-to-DVD release of the 3rd Doctor story Doctor Who - Story #056: The Mind of Evil, longtime fans of the program are probably aware that this particular Jon Pertwee story's BBC Archive copy has been in black-and-white, where the (now lost) original color videotape copy had been transferred to a b&w telecine film print. The six-episode story arc was released on VHS in black-and-white in the '90s, with a bonus of some remaining color footage from the sixth episode which had been recorded off-air. Now the Restoration Team has used the Chroma Dot color recovery process to re-colorize episodes 2-6, and hired an expert to manually re-colorize the first episode. Thus, the entire story - which is the last of the 3rd Doctor stories needing to be put out on disc - will be available to fans in color on this 2-DVD release!

Price for The Mind of Evil, and for Inferno: Special Edition, is $34.98 SRP each. All three titles can be pre-ordered from Amazon by clicking on the individual links embedded in the titles above. Again, this is all early information, and we're not certain how complete or finalized this is. Stay tuned and we'll update you further as the BBC makes their complete details available, along with the packaging.

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