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Doctor Who - Clearing Up The Classic Doctor Confusion: 'What's With All These March Releases?'

Answer: Still Just 2 New Titles. We Tell You What's Up With The Other 24!

Posted by David Lambert
Beginning yesterday we've gotten several e-mails from readers about classic Doctor Who DVDs, saying that some sites - including our good friends at The Digital Bits - had posted info saying that Warner had added a ton of titles to the March 4th slate. That's not exactly what's happening here, so we've decided to clear up the confusion.

As we reported, BBC Video and distributor Warner Home Video had originally planned March 4th to include three different titles related to Davros and the Daleks, but then two of those got canceled due to clearance issues, and the scheduled was reshuffled. As it stands the BBC is standing pat on only two new DVD releases for the classic series on that date: Doctor Who - Story #104: Destiny of the Daleks and Doctor Who - Story #081: Planet of Evil.

So what's with the long list of other titles? It's all a markdown! Yes, the BBC and Warner have decided to do permanent price reductions on two dozen of these titles, which were previously released between March 2004 and November 2006. These are items which are currently list-pricing at $24.98 SRP for single-disc titles, $34.98 SRP for multi-disc titles, and $49.98 SRP for box sets.

Normally, TVShowsOnDVD would not report about markdowns the studios take on titles, because it's quite simply too difficult to keep up with it all for all the thousands of previously released TV-DVDs out there! And, honestly, TSoD is more about letting you know that these exist, and other than paid advertising we leave the "best possible price" work to sites which dedicate themselves to that sort of thing. We're only talking about these markdowns now to clear up the confusion our readers are feeling about what sounds like new announcements (but aren't). And, even if we did normally post news about this sort of thing (I've known about it most of this week, in fact), it would be difficult to report on it this time because even up until now the studio has not yet revealed what all the new prices will be! The only example we've seen is that the Doctor Who - Lost In Time Collection will go from $49.98 SRP down to $44.98 SRP, a ten percent permanent markdown.

We'll wrap this up with a list of which 24 titles are getting their prices reduced starting on March 4th. Hopefully stores will re-stock these at the new lower prices alongside the two new titles, so folks can easily fill in the holes in their collections!
  • Doctor Who - The Beginning Collection (currently $49.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Lost In Time Collection (currently $49.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Lost In Time - Patrick Troughton Years (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Lost In Time - William Hartnell Years (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #013: The Web Planet (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #045: Mind Robber (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #048: Seeds Of Death (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #054: Inferno (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #057: The Claws Of Axos (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #065: The Three Doctors (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #069: The Green Death (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #078: Genesis of the Daleks (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #082: Pyramids Of Mars (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #087: The Hand Of Fear (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #092: Horror Of Fang Rock (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #105: City Of Death (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #110: The Leisure Hive (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #120: The Visitation (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #122: Earthshock (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #140: The Mark Of The Rani (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #141: The Two Doctors (currently $34.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #143: Revelation Of The Daleks (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #157: Ghost Light (currently $24.98 SRP)
  • Doctor Who - Story #158: The Curse Of Fenric (currently $34.98 SRP)

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