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DoNovAn - British DNA/Forensics Crime-Solving Drama Comes to American DVD

Acorn Media Clues Us In On May 13th

Posted by David Lambert
Scottish actor Tom Conti plays "Joe Donovan" in the ITV1-broadcast series DoNovAn, a.k.a. DNA. The screen character is a forensics expert who uses DNA profiling to solve crimes. Tom Conti has done this part for two series (seasons) now, starting in 2004, and if his name sounds familiar then you've either seen him in his 1983 Oscar-nominated role Reuben, Reuben or else you may recall him as Emily's father during the Friends episodes where Ross and Emily were going to be wed in London.

Acorn Media is releasing Series 1 and 2 of DoNovAn under the alternate program name, DNA. This 2-DVD set with all 5 episodes will arrive on U.S.A. store shelves May 13th. Besides Tom Conti there are more cast members that you'll know from other places, notably Samantha Bond. She is best known to American audiences as "Miss Moneypenny" from four of the 007 films, beginning with GoldenEye. She was also in the very first episode cast of Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, which comes to the USA in April on the Sci Fi Channel.

The folks at Acorn Media sent us the following details and box art for their release of DNA - Series 1 and 2 on DVD. The price is $39.99 SRP (CA$49.99 SRP in Canada), but you can pre-order it from Amazon for a current cost of $27.99.

    Forensics expert Joe Donovan uses science to snare killers - and save himself.

    Award-winning actor Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine; Reuben, Reuben) stars as Joe Donovan, an accomplished but troubled criminologist who returns from a mental breakdown to lead Manchester's crack Forensic Investigations Unit. Called in to consult on a murder case that suspiciously resembles the one that drove him into near madness years ago, Donovan redeems his reputation and rediscovers his devotion to the job. Yet his professional dedication bleeds into his personal life, alienating his wife (Samantha Bond, Die Another Day, Tomorrow Never Dies) but appealing to his son (Ryan Cartwright, The Grimleys), who wants to follow in his father's footsteps.

    Packed with fascinating procedural details and wickedly captivating plot twists, every episode of DNA delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense. But with its complex characterizations, it also explores the human dimension of the scientists who solve crimes.

    • Disc 1
      • Episode 1
          Robert Gibson's murder looks almost exactly like the crime scene from a case that drove Joe Donovan into a breakdown and early retirement seven years earlier. One detail stands out, however: the name "Donovan" printed on a wall in the dead man's blood, which he interprets as a personal challenge.
      • Episode 2
          With Gibson's murder still unsolved, another body turns up murdered in nearly identical fashion - that of Philip White, a colleague and lover of Kate Donovan. Could the cuckolded scientist have killed White out of jealousy in a fugue state? Or is the murderer another member of the Donovan family?

    • Disc 2
      • Episode 3
          Now back as senior scientist in the Forensic Investigations Unit, Donovan doggedly pursues a serial killer who takes pretty blonde women as his victims. He thinks he knows not only the killer, but also the next target - Sharon Page, a pub owner looking for more from Donovan than merely protection.
      • Episode 4
          When wealthy Stephen Parker is found shot through the chin in his swanky home, it seems like a robbery gone wrong. The evidence points to John Pinion, a self-proclaimed "investment advisor" to whom Parker owed £8,000. But Donovan suspects the victim's son, who seems unnaturally close to his mother.
      • Episode 5
          The entire FIU team rushes to a secluded air force base, where a cargo plane has landed with all of its passengers and crew stricken by an unknown illness. Authorities believe it's biological terrorism. But Donovan focuses his attention on the plane's mysterious human cargo - an unnamed, blindfolded prisoner.

    5 episodes; approx. 344 min.
    16:9 widescreen; color; stereo; closed captioned
    DVD 2-Vol. Boxed Set
    $39.99 U.S./$49.99 CAN
    Street: May 13, 2008
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DNA (DoNovAn) - Series 1 and 2 box art

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