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Dinosaurs - Disney Announces Final Seasons

Posted by Gord Lacey
Disney has just announced Dinosaurs seasons 3 & 4 - a 4 disc set containing the remaining 36 episodes, including 7 episodes that weren't aired during the initial run.

Special features include:
  • The World According to Dinosaurs - Go behind the scenes with the creators and learn the secrets of the controversial last episode!
  • Audio commentaries with Brian Henson, the writers, producers, cast and crew
  • "I'm the Baby, Gotta Love Me" music video
  • Hours of episodes not aired on network TV
  • and more!
Episodes include:
    Season 3
  1. Nature Calls
  2. Baby Talk
  3. Network Genius
  4. The Discovery
  5. Little Boy Boo
  6. Germ Warfare
  7. Hungry for Love
  8. License to Parent
  9. Charlene's Flat World
  10. Wilderness Weekend
  11. The Son Also Rises
  12. Getting to Know You
  13. Green Card
  14. Out of the Frying Pan
  15. Steroids to Heaven
  16. Honey, I Miss the Kids
  17. Swamp Music
  18. Dirty Dancin'
  19. If I Were a Tree
  20. We Are Not Alone
  21. Charlene and Her Amazing Humans
  22. The Clip Show II

    Season 4
  23. Monster Under the Bed
  24. Earl, Don't Be a Hero
  25. The Greatest Story Ever Sold
  26. Driving Miss Ethyl
  27. Earl's Big Jackpot
  28. Terrible Twos
  29. Changing Nature
  30. Scent of a Reptile
  31. Earl and Pearl
  32. Life in the Faust Lane
  33. Variations on a Theme Park
  34. Working Girl
  35. Into the Woods
  36. Georgie Must Die
The set will be available for May 1 for $39.99 US, or $59.99 CAN. You can preorder the set from for $27.99, though they have the title of the set wrong.

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