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Dinosaurs - Not The Mama! But The DVD? Yep...We've Got a Christmas Day Exclusive. Gotta Love Me!

Posted by David Lambert
"Honey, I'm home!" That was what Earl Sinclair said at the beginning of each episode of Dinosaurs, the Disney/Jim Henson production that ran 4 seasons starting in 1991. The Sinclairs were a family of talking dinosaurs that walked upright and had jobs. Many critics at the time noted that the show bore quite a resemblance to The Flintstones in many of the basics, but it won an audience all its own and spawned several catch phrases. The most memorable of these we used in our headline: "Gotta Love Me!" and "Not The Mama!," both of which were said quite often by Baby Sinclair, who was voiced by none other than Kevin Clash (a.k.a. "Elmo").

Stuart Pankin ("Bob Charles" from Not Necessarily The News), Jessica Walter ("Lucille Bluth" from Arrested Development), Sally Struthers ("Gloria" from All In The Family), Sherman Hemsley ("George" from The Jeffersons) and Suzie Plakson (best known as Worf's mate "K'Ehleyr" from Star Trek: The Next Generation) are among the rest of the cast. Gary Owens (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) narrated. There were 65 episodes produced, but seven of them from the final season didn't air until syndication.

Among the guest stars who lent their voices in the first couple of seasons are names that many of you will know from television (and a couple from film): Steve Landesberg, Jason Alexander, Michael Dorn, David Leisure, Tony Shalhoub, Edie McClurg, John Vernon, Buddy Hackett, George Gaynes, Jason Bernard, Tim Curry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards. It should be noted that producer Brian Henson's voice also found it's way into the show.

Industry sources have told us that Dinosaurs is on the way to DVD sometime in 2006, possibly to release in the second quarter. Since the first "season" is a mere 5 episodes, it is VERY likely that it and the second season (23 episodes) will be combined together with the first release. We feel that this is pretty strong info, but we will officially list it as a "rumor" until Disney/Buena Vista makes their formal announcement (which would be about a month or so away, if the "second quarter" timetable turns out to be true). Stay tuned, though, and we'll bring you further updates on this as developments occur. Gotta love me!

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