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Dink, the Little Dinosaur - 'The Complete Series' of the 1989 Ruby-Spears Cartoon!

Available online as an MOD release next month from the Warner Archive Collection

Posted by David Lambert
The Warner Archive Collection has today announced that Dink, the Little Dinosaur - The Complete Series is coming to DVD on October 10th. This 1989 animated show produced by Ruby-Spears starred the voices of R. J. Williams, Anndi McAfee, Ben Ryan Ganger, S. Scott Bullock, and Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo, The Transformers, Aladdin).

Also heard are voice actors Jennifer Darling, Jack Angel, Michael Bell, Kath Soucie, Cam Clarke, and Jim Cummings, among others. Kenneth Mars narrated. There were 42 segments shown on CBS in 21 episodes, and you'l get them for $29.99 SRP. You can pre-order this from the online studio store. Package art isn't available yet, but here's the studio description of this title:
    Meet Dink: a happy-go-lucky little kid...who just happens to be a dinosaur! Dink, an Apatosaurus, explores the land around his home of Green Meadow alongside his youthful saurian soul mates - Amber, a big-sister-type Corythosaurus; Scat, a Compsognathus with poor impulse control; Shyler, a timid Edaphosaurus; and Flapper, a braggart Pteranodon - while getting grouchy guidance from Crusty, an elderly Turtle.

    With boundless energy, endless self-confidence and a nose for fun, Dink joins his dino-buddies for outrageous adventures on his primitive playground. But danger abounds, along with wonder, as Green Meadow borders Hunter's Valley, the domain of carnivorous dinosaurs, ruled by the savage Tyrannor, a T. Rex who would like nothing more than to turn Dink and his pals into a little snack! So, come on! Jump back to the Jurassic with Dink!

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Dink, the Little Dinosaur

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