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Diagnosis Murder - Despite e-Tailer Order Cancellations, VEI's 'Television Movie Collection' IS Still On!

Look for it this summer, in the USA and Canada, we're told by the studio

Posted by David Lambert
Some of our readers, starting with Howard T. Konig (who we're grateful to for sending us the heads-up!), have forwarded us emails from Amazon about Diagnosis Murder - Television Movie Collection. These fans had pre-ordered the title in the past, but the big e-tailer was telling them that the order had been canceled "(d)ue to a lack of availability from our suppliers." The conclusion reached by Howard and our other readers is that the studio, VEI, must have ceased work on the title entirely. We've been in touch with the studio, though, and were told that this is not at all the case!

Motivated by the reader alerts stemming from Amazon's emails, we quickly got in touch with the powers that be at Visual Entertainment Inc. (VEI) of Canada, and questioned them about whether the title had indeed been pulled. To refresh your memory, this 3-disc set with 5 (pilot or reunion) telefilms connected to the show was originally planned for release on November 1st. The item was later moved back to the end of January, and then when it didn't arrive on time we updated you with word that it was still coming, just later in this year. At the time we didn't have a timeframe to pass along.

Now, after being in touch with VEI once again, we're pleased to tell you that the Diagnosis Murder - Television Movie Collection DVD set is still coming, and while a specific date hasn't been nailed down yet, it's going to be available in June, 2012. That's in both the USA and in Canada. The main thing you have to know, however, is that VEI's distributor in the States, Millennium Media Services (MMS), requires there to be enough interest in (read: orders for) any given title before they will carry on with the distribution. So even though Amazon isn't taking pre-orders right now, go ahead and click the provided link and "sign up to be notified when this item becomes available." Or continuously ask about the title at your favorite local brick-and-mortar store, if that's where you intend to buy it. Get other Diagnosis Murder fans to do the same. If you want it, you gotta let the sellers know! Stay tuned, and we'll keep you advised of any updates.

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Diagnosis Murder - Television Movie Collection
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