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The Dean Martin Show - The Lawsuit Is Over; DVD Verdict Decided Out-of-Court

'Golddiggers' Fan Site Reports Details of Case Dismissal

Posted by David Lambert
This past September we passed along a report that The Dean Martin Show DVDs, sold on a subscription basis since 2003 from Guthy-Renker (via infomercial and/or the website), were unavailable and off the market. The reason for that was due to NBC Universal having filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, charging that the entities which sold GR the license for the Dean Martin Show had no legal basis on which to do so, as they claimed rights should be entirely in NBC's hands.

The fan site (a.k.a. "The Golddiggers Super Site"), which provided a terrific analysis of the issue, has a new update for us about the situation: it's over!

In their new exclusive report posted earlier this week, The Golddiggers Super Site informs us that "the lawsuit...has been dismissed with the consent of all of the parties to the case." Another claim related to the matter has also been dropped/dismissed, and while two other lawsuits are continuing, they don't appear to affect the DVD releases at this time. Guthy-Renker has begun running the infomercials again, and the website is now actively selling the DVDs once more.

That would seem to be that, but the folks at the Golddiggers Super Site were left with a few outstanding questions, which we agree are valid (and we hope that either Guthy-Renker or NBC Universal will send them, or us, an answer):
  • Did the settlement henceforth grant to Guthy-Renker and Greg Garrison Productions the exclusive right to use material from The Dean Martin Show?
  • NBC U reportedly launched the suit because it had plans of its own to repackage the material. Does the settlement effectively mean that the media giant has abandoned any such plans to use the material in the future, including repurposing it for home video distribution and/or telecasts on either broadcast or cable television?
  • Does the settlement in any way allow Guthy-Renker and Greg Garrison Productions to go forward with the production of additional anthologies of segments excerpted from The Dean Martin Show, or even the packaging and sale of complete episodes from that series?
The existing DVDs are basically "clip shows," and we agree that fans certainly would prefer new releases that provide complete episodes, and additional bonus material as well. Will that happen now, or did the agreement mean that the existing releases are all that fans can expect? If we learn anything, we'll let you know. Our sincere thanks to the Golddiggers Super Site and Integrity Communications Corp. for making us aware of the new development!

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