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Dark Skies - Sony Shelves Dark Skies DVDs Due to Music Costs, Producer Says

Executive Producer's Blog Gives All The Sad Details

Posted by David Lambert
Back in February we posted a story relaying word from Dark Skies Executive Producer/Writer Bryce Zabel, saying that Sony was planning to release DVDs this coming October. Here at TVShowsOnDVD, we checked in with the studio, who would not commit to it being a sure thing, but rather classified it as them "looking at the show." We passed on how many of our readers were interested in getting Dark Skies on DVD, but apparently that wasn't enough.

Last Thursday, Zabel updated his blog to talk about his time at the San Diego Comic Con promoting the DVD release of The Crow, and after talking about that for a bit he went on to talk about how "Skies Darken." Here's a quote:
    At the same time as the "The Crow" was making such a splash, however, I returned from Comic-Con to find out that the powers-that-be at the DVD division at SONY -- which had told me and confirmed to me several times that the "Dark Skies" DVD set was coming out in October -- have apparently changed their minds. The e-mail I received simply said: "There are no plans at this time to release. The music costs to clear for home entertainment made this very expensive to consider."

    To all of you "Dark Skies" fans who took my word that it was coming out and are now disappointed, all I can say is that I stand at the head of that line. But when the people in charge send you e-mails that confirm specific release dates, that's usually good enough to talk about. I am as let down as you are. Probably more so.

    What's funny about this is that in my very first communication with SONY about this, I anticipated the problem and offered to work with the "Dark Skies" music supervisor to identify expensive music and to find substitute tracks. We would have done that gladly. No one even responded to the offer so I assumed they had things well in hand.

    Still, one for two ain't bad... I'll let you know if things change (although I will be much more skeptical)... for what it's worth...
So music issues rear their ugly head once again. Too bad. Hopefully Sony will take the time to reconsider how many fans are interested in getting this show, and if fans would join Zabel in accepting his guidance to Sony in music substitution, then perhaps the studio would be willing to move forward with this. We'll see. If any updates or developments occur, we'll be sure to let you know. Our thanks to reader Phillip Feigh for bringing this info to our attention.

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