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Dark Shadows - Box (and DVD Disc) Art Explosion For Dark Shadows - The Beginning

Front Cover & Disc Art for Vol. 1, Front and Rear Covers for Vol.'s 2 and 3

Posted by David Lambert
Two weeks ago we reported on the August 28th retail release of Dark Shadows -The Beginning, Vol. 1: Episodes 1 - 35. Of course, that's 6 months later than you can get it by joining MPI's Dark Shadows DVD Club, where you get the final of the 6 DVD sets for free if you buy the first five that way.

During our previous report, we had front and rear cover art for the 2nd Volume in the series, and now we've got the same for the third volume as well. I pointed out to my contact that I had never gotten the same for the first volume, and he apologized but due to the holiday he didn't have the rear cover art for that first volume handy. In the meantime, would I like the front cover and the DVD disc art? Sure! So here is the art for all three volumes, including a repeat of the Volume 2 art so you can see it all "in order." Enjoy!

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 1 front cover art

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 1 with DVD label art

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 2 front cover art

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 2 rear cover art

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 3 front cover art

Dark Shadows - The Beginning, Volume 3 rear cover art

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