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Dark Shadows - Details on 26th Collection (Final Episodes), Plus Exciting Word of a Bloopers & Treasures DVD!

Posted by David Lambert
We've previously reported that the final episodes of the original Dark Shadows series would come to DVD soon, with the 26th collection release. We also reported that in February 2007, the DVD releases would continue - directly from, we later learned - as the folks at MPI cycle back around to the beginning, and release the pre-Barnabas episodes that haven't been put onto DVD before.

Now we have details about Dark Shadows - Collection 26, including a ton of bonus material that will accompany the final 19 episodes of the program. We also have word of a very special release that will happen in November, a Dark Shadows - Bloopers & Treasures DVD that any respectable fan should not dare miss!

On September 26th, Dark Shadows - Collection 26 arrives as a 4-DVD set. Besides those 19 episodes that wrap up the show, look for several hours of bonus material:
  • Dark Shadows Tribute: A Retrospective
  • Dark Shadows 25th Anniversary
  • Dark Shadows Vampires and Ghosts
  • Dark Shadows Scariest Moments
  • The Best of Barnabas
  • The Making of Return to Collinwood
  • Before the Shadows
  • A Fan Remembers
  • Dark Shadows: The Beginning, Beyond the Shadows
  • Rare rehearsal footage
  • Promotional spots and trailers
  • Behind-the-scenes home movies
That's the list according to Amazon's pre-order listing, anyway. We've also heard of another extra not listed there, a featurette called "Miss Joan Bennett - Mistress Of Collinwood." Cost is $59.98 SRP, but Amazon is selling it for $41.99 at the moment. Cover art is below.

Then, a couple of months later, MPI Home Video will be releasing a special single disc DVD called Dark Shadows - Bloopers & Treasures. This is a 2.5 hour collection of bloopers (the sort you saw actually broadcast in the course of this live-action series, but collected into one place), outtakes, music videos (selected scenes from the show set to the terrific Robert Cobert score from the show's episode), promo spots, and vintage game show appearances by the cast. But possibly the coolest item on this disc is a brand-new featurette with Dark Shadows actress Lara Parker (the witch "Angelique") entitled "Dark Shadows In Salem." Parker visits the actual sites of the witch trials of historical Salem, and ties-in with her new novel Dark Shadows - The Salem Branch. The exact date of this November release is still TBD, but the cost will be $19.95 list price. Cover art and disc label art can be found at the bottom of this story, and this will surely tide you over until the pre-Barnabas episodes begin shipping in February 2007 with Collection 27. Stay tuned for more about that!

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