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Dark Shadows - Newsflash: We Have Made a Mistake! (Clarification About 'Coffin' Dates) **UPDATED**

Title will be available April 10th in a Limited Numbered Edition, and on July 10th in a non-numbered edition (and without the signed J. Frid card)

Posted by David Lambert
2 days ago we posted a story about Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series 131-DVD "coffin" packaged sets. We explained how the title had originally be set for release on April 10th, then was delayed to May 8th, and in our story we were saying that the item was delayed again, this time to July 10th.

No, no, no...our contacts at MPI Home Video have worked with us overnight and this morning to clarify the situation, and we here at TVShowsOnDVD have clearly made a mistake with our reporting. It's our responsibility, not MPI's, as I overlooked a vital piece of information included in the details they sent.

The first thing to understand is that there are going to be TWO "coffin" sets. As originally announced, the first one will be available on April 10th, and is a "Limited Numbered Edition" that includes an "Autographed Postcard by Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins)." That item is still on, and retailers will begin delivering it to customers a week after this coming Tuesday. The studio informs us that fans who ordered it directly from MPI's special advance Dark Shadows fan club mailing have received the set early, and we can confirm that we've heard from multiple fans in the past two days who say they have their set in-hand.

But here's the rub: MPI tells us that this first set with the Signed Jonathan Frid Card, even before the official street date, is as good as "sold out." Pre-orders from retailers have been so high that all the Limited Numbered Editions (there were apparently 2500 made, as one of our readers who had a copy already said his set was marked "#n out of 2500") sold out even before they were shipped from the plant. Of course there will always be some customers who pre-order a title and don't follow through with their purchase at the end, so - as our MPI contact put it to me - resourceful fans might be able to find a few sets remaining at various retailers. You'll probably have to look around, though. Good hunting!

Since interest is so high, though, MPI doesn't want to disappoint fans who missed on the first set, so they are going to offer a SECOND version of the set. The important information I overlooked is the description about what makes this second set different from the first. After all, the set still comes in the coffin packaging, still contains the same number of discs, and costs the same. What was different? This wording from MPI explains: "This Deluxe Edition does not include an autographed postcard from Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins) or a Limited Edition serial number." [note: emphasis is ours]

The May 8th date mentioned in the press release a few weeks ago was meant to be the original release date for this SECOND set...but we even got confused at that time, because at the same time as we received the press release we also got a new image of the FIRST set...which we now know it is because the image includes the Autographed Postcard by Jonathan Frid in the picture. But that wasn't MPI's intention, and we wrongly put those together and said the first set was delayed. Nope, our mistake again...that was for the second set. And then the second set got pushed back from May 8 to July 10th. The reason for that delay on the SECOND set, we're told, is because "the custom coffin boxes are big and heavy and made overseas, and manufacturing and shipping take time."

So the second set of Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series will be available as an "unlimited" release on July 10th, while the original first set of Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series: Limited Numbered Edition will be available on April 10th. We hope that this clarifies things, and we regret any confusion due to our errors. Mea culpa. The unlimited set isn't up for pre-order yet, but here are links to pre-order the limited set...maybe you can still get lucky!

UPDATE (3/30): Overnight, has added a pre-order listing for the "unlimited" (second, non-Frid-card) set of Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series 131-DVD set...the one scheduled for July 10th. If you want to place your advance purchase for a copy of this, you can now do so!

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 Dark Shadows - The Complete Original Series

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