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Daria - 'Coming to DVD'? Yes: TVShowsOnDVD Users' 3rd Most-Wanted Unreleased Series!

The first screen on the first disc of MTV's July 14th release for The State really does say it all...

Posted by David Lambert
"I find the situation unbelievable myself." - Daria

Whenever registered members log on here, there's a "User Stats" screen that shows up, telling you TV Show names, DVD Release listings, and News Items have been posted since your last log-in. It gives a lot of other info on that page, too, and in the bottom right are the top ten "Most Requested Unreleased Shows." It's no surprise that the top two on that list are a pair of shows held up for release due to various rights issues: The Wonder Years and the classic '60s Batman.

The 3rd item down, for quite some time, is MTV's Daria. A spin-off of Beavis and Butt-head, the show's only seen a pair of minor DVD releases back in 2002: Daria - The Movie: Is It Fall Yet? and Daria - Is It College Yet?. For the past seven years there's been no further word...until now!

Marty Day, who runs the website, received an early copy yesterday of another long-awaited MTV program, The State. Marty's e-mail to us, describing what happened next, just about says it all: "Popped in the first disc, and wouldn't you know it, the DVD starts with an ad promoting Daria hitting DVD in 2010. I guess they're following one 'couldn't be done' release with another! Marty was also kind enough to send us a screen capture as proof...we've got that below!

This is incredible news for the thousands of registered members of this site, who have voted for Daria to get a proper release on DVD. We're obviously going to be keeping a sharp eye out for more info about this 2010 DVD release, so stay tuned and we'll update you!

Daria: Coming to DVD in 2010
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