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Daria - First Details Emerge About MTV's 'Complete Series' Plans: Timeframe, Contents, Extras, and More!

A fan site talked to the studio yesterday, and got LOTS of early info about the set

Posted by David Lambert
We've got a special Saturday post for you today at TVShowsOnDVD. And why not? After all, with the holiday just a few days away, many of you will soon be traveling, and Daria after all is one of the most popular, most-wanted shows here on the site. So we don't want you to miss this first update since our original post last July. That's when we first showed off the screen capture (seen below) from MTV/Paramount's DVD release of The State - The Complete Series; this promo screen proudly proclaims, "Daria: Coming to DVD in 2010."

Now we've gotten a heads-up from Kara Wild of, a website with a substantial Daria-themed section called "DVDaria." She posted a large update there yesterday about the forthcoming set, based on phone conversations and e-mails she had with the studio on Thursday and Friday. She has a LOT to say about the release, so we urge everybody to read her original post for yourselves, and get the original info in the original context. But we have a brief wrap-up of the highlights for you here.

Kara's info is that the release will be Daria - The Complete Series, including the TV movies "Is It Fall Yet?" and "Is It College Yet?." They expect all of these to be the original as-broadcast versions, from the original masters, even including the commercial bumpers where they belong. What WILL be different, though, is the music...for budgetary reasons (and probably for licensing reasons as well, is our guess), they will have to make some music substitutions on this release. They seem to be going to some pains, though, to make them as subtle as possible (using covers and sound-a-likes). On the other hand, they're looking at including as much bonus material as they can. They have not finalized what those extras will be, but are looking to the "Sarcastathons," the specials, and "ANY footage to find superfluous Daria appearances (like on TV talk shows)," according to Kara's post.

Pricing for a set with all of this will be "very reasonable" (but apparently hasn't been finalized yet). Time frame for the release is Quarter 2/Spring 2010 at the earliest, but Kara's info is that it could still possibly move to later in the year. I think we'll all agree that it's okay for the studio to take a bit of extra time, if necessary, to deliver a great product. Thanks again to Kara for letting us know about all of this great info. Stay tuned for more updates, just as soon as we find out anything further!

Daria: Coming to DVD in 2010

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