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Dallas - It's Official: Dallas - The Complete 10th Season Announced for DVD ***UPDATED***

Mid-January bow for 29 episodes on 3 double-sided discs

Posted by David Lambert
In our recent report about the topics covered in an online chat Warner Home Video held last week at the Home Theater Forum website, we passed along that the studio was preparing more Dallas for 2009, and that the details would be revealed shortly. Right on schedule, Warner formally announced this morning the release of Dallas - The Complete 10th Season on DVD. The 3-disc set (including double-sided discs) arrives on January 13th, at a cost of $39.98 SRP. It will include the 29 episodes listed below, presented in full frame video with English audio. There's no word on extras yet, nor has package art been sent out, but stay tuned and we'll bring it to you just as soon as we can.
  1. Return to Camelot, Part 1
  2. Return to Camelot, Part 2
  3. Pari Per Sue
  4. Once and Future King
  5. Enigma
  6. Trompe L'Oeil
  7. Territorial Imperative
  8. The Second Time Around
  9. Bells Are Ringing
  10. Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?
  11. Proof Positive
  12. Something Old, Something New
  13. Bar-B-Cued
  14. The Fire Next Time
  15. So Shall Ye Reap
  16. Tick, Tock
  17. Night Visitor
  18. Cat and Mouse
  19. High Noon For Calhoun
  20. Olio
  21. A Death in the Family
  22. Revenge of the Nerd
  23. The Ten Percent Solution
  24. Some Good, Some Bad
  25. War and Peace
  26. Ruthless People
  27. The Dark at the End of the Tunnel
  28. Two-Fifty
  29. Fall of the House of Ewing
Order Dallas - The Complete 10th Season from

Dallas - The Complete 10th Season early thumbnail box artUPDATE: Warner has now provided thumb art and this description:

The Dallas folks celebrate a decade of backstabbing, lies, greed and lust with a Season 10 that sizzles with intrigue. To start, J.R. spreads his brand of poison far from Big D, throwing big bucks at a twisted mercenary eager to blow up Saudi oilfields. The Feds get wind of the plot, they lean on J.R. until he sings like a Texas mockingbird and the mercenary decides the world would be a better place without J.R. And there's another troublemaker making life interesting in Texas: a leather-tough, white-haired ranch hand. He has Jock's letters, belt buckle, knife...and memories. Could it be Jock survived that years-ago 'copter crash? Is there even more underhanded, over-the-top fun in Season 10? Bet your cowboy boots there is!

Also, indications at this time are that there will be no extras on this release. That may be subject to change, however.

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