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Here Come the Brides - Official Press Release, Plus Rear Box Art & Revised Front Art

Posted by David Lambert
Sony has sent out the press release for Here Come The Brides - The Complete 1st Season, along with slightly updated front cover art (seen at the top) and rear box art as well (you'll find that at the bottom). Since frequent Star Trek guest star Mark Lenard is such a big part of this show, we'll mention here that the press release attributes Lenard to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where he had a very short role in heavy makeup as a Klingon captain. Lenard is, of course, most famous to Trek fans as "Sarek," the Vulcan father of First Officer Spock. So please, don't write us about was the choice of the studio's marketing people to mention one of Lenard's less recognizable roles in Star Trek lore. Now, back to Brides...

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Look Out Everyone...


Starring Robert Brown, Bobby Sherman & David Soul
- DVD Arrives May 16 in a Six-Disc Set -

CULVER CITY, CALIF. (March 6, 2006) – Here Come the Brides: The Complete First Season, the fondly remembered period comedy starring handsome heartthrobs Robert Brown (Appointment in Honduras), Bobby Sherman (TV's "Shindig!," "Getting Together"), and David Soul (TV's "Starsky & Hutch"), debuts on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment May 16. The six-disc set contains all 26 episodes from the first season and will be available for $49.95 SRP.

Loosely based on the true story of Seattle"s Mercer Girls, Here Come the Brides is set in the logging industry of post-Civil War Seattle. The brothers Jason (Brown), Joshua (Soul), and Jeremy (Sherman) Bolt have a problem on their hands: the loggers who work for them threaten to strike over the lack of available women. So the brothers make a deal with mill owner Aaron Stempel (Mark Lenard); if Aaron foots the bill for ship's passage and a year's "upkeep" for 100 marriageable ladies from New Bedford, MA, then the Bolt brothers will make sure that all the "brides" stay in Seattle for a full year – or they lose Bridal Veil Mountain, which is their entire inheritance.

In addition to Brown, Sherman and Soul, Here Come the Brides also stars Bridget Hanley (TV's "Harper Valley, PTA"), Mark Lenard (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Bo Svenson (Walking Tall Part II, Kill Bill Vol. 2), Susan Tolsky (Love at First Bite) and Joan Blondell (Grease, Golddiggers of 1933). Guest stars from the first season included Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon), Sheree North (Kramer"s mom on TV's "Seinfeld," How to Be Very, Very Popular), Daniel J. Travanti (TV's "Hill Street Blues"), Ed Asner (TV's "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"), Jack Albertson (TV's "Chico and the Man"), Susan Howard (TV's "Dallas"), Vic Tayback (TV's "Alice"), Rosemary DeCamp (TV's "That Girl"), and Lew Ayres (All Quiet on the Western Front).

Funny, heartwarming and on occasion thought-provoking, Here Come the Brides debuted September 25, 1968, on ABC and ran for 52 episodes over two seasons. The theme song "Seattle" quickly became a Top 10 hit for Bobby Sherman and was successfully recorded by several other artists including Perry Como. Unlike other TV Westerns from the era, Here Come the Brides was unusual in that it rarely featured any gunplay, and violence was generally limited to comical fistfights. This was in keeping with the progressive attitudes that were starting to prevail in popular culture in the late 1960s. Stories highlighted the importance of cooperation, racial harmony, and peaceful resolution of conflict.

DVD Special Features Include:
  • Digitally Mastered Audio and Video
  • Full Screen Presentations
  • Audio: English
  • Bonus Previews
  • Closed Captioned

    Here Come the Brides: The Complete First Season episodes include:
    1. Here Come the Brides
    2. A Crying Need
    3. And Jason Makes Five
    4. The Man of the Family
    5. A Hard Card to Play
    6. Letter of the Law
    7. Lovers & Wanderers
    8. A Jew Named Sullivan
    9. Stand Off
    10. A Man & His Magic
    11. A Christmas Place
    12. After Dream Comes Mourning
    13. Log Jam
    14. The Firemaker
    15. Wives for Wakendo
    16. A Kiss Just For So
    17. Democracy Inaction
    18. One Good Lie Deserves Another
    19. One to a Customer
    20. A Dream That Glitters
    21. The Crimpers
    22. Mr. & Mrs. J. Bolt
    23. A Man's Errand
    24. Loggerheads
    25. Marriage, Chinese Style
    26. The Deadly Trade

    Here Come the Brides: The Complete First Season is from the broadcast year of 1968 – 1969, has a run time of approximately 1,345 minutes and is not rated. SLP: $49.95.

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