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Combat! - Ten-Hut! 2 More Themed Combat! Releases Attack Your Wallets This Fall!

Posted by David Lambert
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With a pair of Combat! best-of releases hitting the stores this Tuesday, Image Entertainment is announcing another pair of single-disc best-of's for this classic TV show. Combat! - Best of Espionage and Combat! - Best of the Color Episodes both get their marching orders on September 5th, at a cost of $9.99 SRP for each one. They are both full-frame, and Espionage is in black-and-white while the other one is obviously in color. Here's the breakdown of episodes in each of these:

  • Combat! - Best of Espionage
    • "Masquerade:" A cunning German spy (James Coburn) poses as an American GI, with Saunders and company escorting him to headquarters.
    • "The Little Jewel:" When one of their number is captured, the squad suspects something may not be right with the young orphan they've taken under their wing.
    • "The Cassock:" Trapped in a church, a Nazi demolitions expert tries to con the US soldiers to finish his job.
    • "The Long Walk:" A wounded enemy soldier kills to protect his identity when the squad transports him to safety.

  • Combat! - Best of the Color Episodes
    • "Entombed:" The men find themselves trapped in a mine with rescued French resistance fighters, while an enemy lurks within.
    • "Headcount:" The soldiers find their numbers dwindling as they must guard a horde of enemy prisoners.
    • "The Brothers:" Two French brothers help the squad in this taut episode featuring Fernando Lamas, Sal Mineo and Ted Knight.
    • "Conflict:" Two squabbling members of the squad put the rest of the men's lives in jeopardy.

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