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Chef! - Complete Collection Closer Than We Thought

Posted by David Lambert
Just a week ago we explained how we had gotten with BBCAmerica and been told that Chef! - The Complete Collection was in the works for a DVD release later this year. We were told no timetable had been set yet, and it was our impression that this indicated it would be later in the year rather than sooner.

It turns out we supposed wrong, though! BBCAmerica is now saying that Chef! - The Complete Collection will arrive in Spring 2005, and they give the following description as well:
    Meet Britain's finest and most ill-tempered chef, Gareth Blackstock (Lenny Henry), of the prestigious Le Chateau Anglais restaurant. Tuck in and prepare to double over in laughter with this hilarious and much loved comedy series from the BBC!

There's nothing surprising in that desription to anybody who already knows the series, but we join the BBC in hoping that a new group of fans will discover the show through this DVD release. I enjoy it, and I hope you will as well. Stay tuned and we'll bring you an exact release date, plus other details and cover art, just as soon as distributor Warner Home Video releases the information.

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