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Charlie Brown/Peanuts Specials - We Do NOT Cover DVD Releases Of Theatrical Films. Except When We Do.

'Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown' is coming to DVD on February 10th

Posted by David Lambert
    Join Charlie Brown and the rest of the delightful "Peanuts" gang as they journey to summer camp, and participate in a river-raft race against some cheating bullies. In the late Charles M. Schulz's third full-length animated motion picture. Filled with all the characters and charm that has made "Peanuts" the most popular and beloved comic strip in the world.
Our policy is that does not talk about theatrical films. Not even when the movie is directly connected to TV shows, like the Star Trek movies (we haven't ever covered any releases of Wrath of Khan, have we?) or The X-Files (we've never had news about the "Fight The Future" film, even though it hit cinemas in between two seasons, and events had a direct bearing on the new television season which followed). So if you ask us to cover a DVD or Blu-ray release of a theatrical film, we'll say "sorry, no."

But every once in a while we bend our own rules, because...well, because we just do. We decide when we do that, and this is going to be one of those times.

In March 2006, CBS/Paramount released DVD versions of the theatrical Peanuts films, 1972's Snoopy, Come home and 1969's A Boy Named Charlie Brown. And they've re-released those two again later on. On February 10th, the studio is re-releasing and re-promoting these films on DVD once more, with new package art, presumably as a marketing tie-in ahead of the planned November 2015 3-D CGI film, Peanuts. But on the same date of February 10th, CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution are also releasing on DVD - for the first time! - the long-awaited disc of 1977's theatrical film, "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown."

This movie has been out on BetaMax, VHS, LaserDisc, and even CED/SelectaVision VideoDisc (it was actually the first-ever title released for that short-lived [1981-84] disc format). The DVD will be 76 minutes long, but otherwise we have no details about it: pricing, package art, specs and extras (if any) haven't been revealed. Also, the other theatrical Peanuts film that's been missing on DVD, 1980's "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!)," has NOT been announced for release yet, and we have no information on whether or not there are any plans to do so. We'll keep a look out for updates, however...and if we don't cover it at the news here in the main website, we'll at least try to get word out at our Twitter and/or Facebook social media feeds.

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