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Charles in Charge - Info On Future Charles in Charge DVD Possibilities and Plans

Will there be extras on Season 2? Will there be more season sets?

Posted by David Lambert
Joe Amodei is the founder of Hart Sharp Video (now owned by Arts Alliance America), which originated the "TV Guide Presents" line of TV-on-DVD releases. One of our long-time readers and tipsters, Brett Fern, has forwarded us some info he obtained while communicating with Joe. After our news story the other day about the "TV Guide Presents release this coming November 20th, Brett took it upon himself to write to Joe and ask a few questions.

Joe kindly responded to Brett's questions, with info that Brett feels that other fans deserve to know. We agree so we're pleased to pass along a couple of key pieces of info. We are not directly quoting here, mind you, but summing up the gist of the answer:
  1. After the release of the 2nd Season of Charles in Charge on DVD, Joe plans to get the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons out on DVD as well. Expect them to come out regularly over the course of "the next year or two."
  2. Since the only "extra" on Universal's release of the first season was a bonus episode from the second season, Brett asked Joe if there would be any extras on the new releases from Arts Alliance America. Joe responded that there may be few, if any, extras on the Season 2 package due to the quick start they want to get on releasing it, but that they have reached out to people for possible participation on extras for future releases. We'll have to see what happens there.
Thanks to Brett for sharing this great info! Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted with updates on this, as soon as we can.

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