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Caprica - Release Date & Other Early Info for a DVD of the Battlestar Galactica Prequel/Spin-Off! *UPDATED*

Retailers given notice to expect an April home video release for the show's pilot telefilm

Posted by David Lambert
    Set 50 years before BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CAPRICA follows two rival families: the Graystones and the Adamas. Bound together by tragedy, their ensuing struggle will determine the fate of the 12 Colonies. CAPRICA is a society rife with advanced technology. Little do they know they are trembling on the brink of the creation of the first CYLON (cybernetic life-form node).

    The Graystones and Adamas come from different cultures and wildly different socio-economic backgrounds. Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz, The Mask, Pulp Fiction) is a computer genius and the leading businessman of the 12 Colonies. His wife, Amanda Graystone (Paula Malcolmson, Deadwood, ER) is an elite neurosurgeon. Joseph Adama (Esai Morales, NYPD Blue) is an immigrant, a lawyer with ties to the mob, and a father who is desperate to reconnect with his estranged son, William (Sina Najafi).

    Their bitter rivalry will bring the end of life as they know it.
News GraphicFor several years now, fans of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series have been hearing about plans by the show's producers to follow up the nearly-finished storyline with a new spin-off program. Caprica will be a prequel showing events on the Galactica Admiral's homeworld, eventually leading up to the devastating attack on the 12 Colonies that we all know about. With the last several BSG episodes now being shown, and wrapping up the mystery about who the "final five" Cylons are, the question now becomes "where did the Cylons come from in the first place?" Caprica will try to answer that question.

Our big sister site,, has naturally been following the development of the series...with a passion! Last July, they reported that the tagline for the series is "The end of humanity has a beginning." They went on to describe what has become the well-known plot of the storyline: "Caprica stars Esai Morales as Joseph Adama (father of BSG's Admiral William Adama) and Eric Stoltz as Daniel Graystone, who meet when their daughters are killed in the same terrorist bombing. The trouble/fun starts when Graystone, who is an entrepreneurial inventor (a la Bill Gates) decides to bring back the dead girls as robots." The show also stars Polly Walker (Rome, Cane), who "plays the headmistress of a school that secretly teaches monotheism."

In that same July 2008 story, they conclude by saying that "Sci Fi (Channel) prez (Dave) Howe says he'll see the completed movie next week, and then decide whether or not to order up a series." By December 2008, a follow-up report at assures us that "The Sci Fi channel has given the green light to Caprica...the cable channel has already produced a two-hour TV movie/backdoor pilot, which was set to debut in December, but will now launch the series in early 2010."

A month later, Ron Moore confirmed during a interview (with co-Exec Producer David Eick) about Caprica's full season pickup. "We start shooting probably in July, we're putting the writing staff together now and the crew, and just staffing up and getting ready to go. We'll start breaking stories probably in February, and maybe as soon as the end of the month depending on when all the pieces go together. We have a game plan of what the general storyline is and some directions so we're not starting completely from scratch."

News GraphicAnd that's pretty much where the status of the series has stood. The Sci Fi Channel's website simply says "Caprica: Coming in 2010" at this point (see right)...referring to the regular weekly series, it seems. Sci Fi has made an online trailer available for the pilot telefilm, and the channel's "Sci Fi Wire" news section explains a couple of the scenes in that trailer a bit deeper with their exclusive video clip with footage from this production.

So where does TVShowsOnDVD come in? Why are we reporting about Caprica this morning?

We've gotten alerts from a few of our retailer contacts that Universal Studios Home Entertainment has posted a listing where retailers can access it, saying that Caprica is scheduled to come to DVD on April 21st. The listing is sparse on details, not giving a running time or even explicately explaining if this is the pilot telefilm (although it certainly must be, since nothing else has been shot yet). However, the studio listing does mention anamorphic widescreen video, an English soundtrack (audio format isn't provided so far) and English subtitles. It also shows that this will be a single disc, coming in a standard DVD case "with slip sleeve," costing $26.98 SRP. While it describes that package, it doesn't give a picture of the box yet, so we don't have any artwork to show you at this time.

With an April 21st release date for the DVD (sorry, no mention of a Blu-ray...we checked), it seems to mean that the Sci Fi Channel will likely broadcast the Caprica pilot at or before that timeframe. But nothing's been announced in that regard so far, so perhaps this is a hint of things to come. Or, maybe the release date isn't set in stone yet, and it wasn't actually meant to be revealed to retailers this morning (it wouldn't be the first time a DVD listing went up early). We're going with it, though, until and unless someone tells us otherwise! Stay tuned and we'll naturally keep you posted as more information comes in.

UPDATE: The studio has now sent out the formal press release, which includes full specs and Bonus Material for this title. Be sure to read it!

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