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Californication - Drastically Altered 1st Season Box Art Comes Out Looking a Bit...Odd

Nice eye candy on it anyway, for this June 17th release

Posted by David Lambert
Wow, I'm guessing that I maybe might have struck a chord a few weeks ago when I posted artwork for Showtime/Paramount's June 17th DVD release of Californication - The 1st Season. At that time I commented on just how strongly the key art used in that version of the front cover resembled some promo art for Lionsgate-owned Weeds. Did that have anything to do with it getting changed? I dunno for sure! Whether or not that was the reason, though, the cover for Californication has now changed, and quite drastically!

Below you can see the new front cover, and the eye candy is certainly eye-catching! But it looks rather odd in a way, doesn't it? David Duchovny's head seems a bit too large for the body, and the angle the head/neck is being held at doesn't look natural. And, all due respect to my man Duchovny, but the bod here looks a bit too buff compared with what we sort-of see on the original cover art.

Now, I haven't caught this program yet (I'm waiting desperately for these DVDs, to watch the entire season in one ongoing stream), so I'm not sure how Duchovny comes off looking in any scene resembling the picture shown on this new box. Therefore, I'm NOT accusing the studio of going haywire with the Photoshopping. But I'm just sayin' that, in my opinion, the way this looks might give someone that impression, even if it wasn't the case. You know what I mean? In any case, it won't stop me from buying these DVDs the first day that I can!

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Californication - The 1st Season revised cover art
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